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Bongo Banana

Excited to share our upcoming animated mixed media film, “Bongo Banana”! We’re looking to partner with brands across multiple categories to bring our settings to life. Here’s how you can get involved:

What We Offer:

  • Dynamic Settings for Product Placement: Whether it’s tech gadgets, vehicles, or food & beverage, your products can play a role in our story.
  • Customized Integration: Products will be creatively integrated into the film, ensuring they fit naturally within the animated world of “Bongo Banana.” This is an animated mixed-media CGI film so props would be modeled based off of branding specifications or logos/images would be integrated directly within the scene.

Why Join Us?

  • Visibility: Your brand will be part of an adventurous and visually engaging film.

We’re Looking For:

  • Beverages and Food Products: Perfect for scenes in diners or city nightlife.
  • Tech and Gadgets: Featured in key plot points. 
  • Vehicles: From classic cars to futuristic rides.
  • Music and Entertainment Tie-Ins: Enhance the film’s musical landscape.
  • : A soldier working for a shadowy government organization falls in love with the giant gorilla they were sent to eliminate.
  • : Elysian Moon
  • : 3049230584
  • :
  • : production
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The motorcycle features prominently in the final sequence when Zoey and Azel ride under the moonlight. They touch for the first time when Zoey wraps her arms around Azel.

In the bar of a 5-star hotel Zoey requests Kosher wine. The bartender returns with a bottle and shows her the label.

A Jewish prayerbook is the focal point of 3 scenes when Zoey is reciting Kaddish in the synagogue. She kisses the prayerbook.

The film opens in the Ladies’ Lounge of a 5-star hotel. A pivotal upbeat scene occurs in the Bar of the same hotel.

Zoey and Azel wear helmets as they ride on the motorcycle and she rests her head against his back.

The Chanel-style skirt suit is something the character of Cher would have worn in the movie Clueless. In the mini skirt and bold colors, Zoey is contrasted against the modestly dressed Orthodox women.

  • : Do you ever yearn for something—someone—spiritual? OrthoGirl is a short romance film about Zoey, a secular Jewish women. and Azel, an ultra Orthodox man.
  • : Jeryl Parade
  • : 860.830.1792
  • :
  • : property_department
  • : Motorcyle, Kosher Wine, Jewish Prayerbooks, 5-Star Hotel, Motorcycle Helmets, Mini Skirt & Matching Jacket
  • : Film is set in Georgetown. Ritz-Carlton & The Four Seasons are 5-star brands located there.
  • : July 1, 2023 or later
  • : motorcycle, motorscooter, kosher wine, luxury hotel, women's apparel
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Working Title

  • : A beautiful, coming of age story of comedy, drama, and friendship. Lady Bird meets La LA Land as three students become unexpected friends as they try to navigate their way through the summer and all that gets thrown at them.
  • : Tyler Miller
  • : 801-842-2476
  • :
  • : production
  • : TBA
  • : Any and all products
  • : Paul Rudd is in discussion.
  • : Feature Film, Major Motion Picture,
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The Legend of Lake Hollo

Penumbra Entertainment is currently shooting a feature film in the Middle Tennessee area and is looking for product placement in exchange for some form of production assistance. There are two main scenes that naturally lend themselves to placement of an alcohol brand, preferably a whisky, vodka or other spirit. 

In the first scene, life is good and a group of friends enjoy a casual drink. At the end of the film, the last few standing in full panic mode take long swigs of the alcohol they brought with them to the cabin. The use of the product on screen will reflect positively on the brand chosen.

Half of the film is complete and samples of the quality of work can be shared with those companies who are interested in product placement in a feature film.

Please email if you would like to discuss the possibilities. 

  • : A group of friends finds themselves in a deadly nightmare when trail cameras at their remote rental cabin reveal they are surrounded by more than just Mother Nature.
  • : Chris Hollo
  • : 6154003002
  • :
  • : production
  • : Whiskey or other spirits
  • : April 2022
  • : alcohol, whiskey, vodka, distilleries
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  • : In a world close to death and plagued with disease a man born too early or perhaps too late works to complete a time machine and save the world he loves, but a relentless force travels  through time to prevent him from doing so as some things are better off left in the past.
  • : Royce Proctor Jr
  • : 2148009249
  • :
  • : production
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Due to COVID-19 all dates have been postponed. If you would like to learn more of the film, by reading our deck, top sheet, script, or would like to ask a question feel free to contact us. 

  • : Set in a post-apocalyptical world, 2093 follows Kyrie a young man who is marked for death by The Syndicate, the ruthless gang that attempts to abuse their power. He unintentionally meets two survivors , who he vows to bring them to safety after putting their lives in danger.
  • : Ishmael Ribeiro Pina
  • : 8573502448
  • :
  • : production
  • : Food, Clothing, electronics, and automobile.
  • : car, auto, food, candy, electronic, clothes
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Saving Bimini

Please contact Derek Lee Nixon for additional information.

Dolphin Island is the follow up to Dolphin Kick which is currently available on Netflix, Redbox, and all Major VOD/Cable Platforms. These links contain articles exhibiting Dolphin Kick; Washington Post film breakdown of Dolphin kick and Screen Daily’s article. We begin production in April, 2020.

“Saving Bimini”, will have a much wider release than Dolphin Kick, which was the top streamed movie for multiple weeks on Netflix, VOD, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, on major cable providers (Dish, DirecTV, Spectrum, Charter, Comcast, and Uverse) retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Target, Kohls, Redbox, etc.). It will be released in over 90 countries across the world including, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, CIS, and many more. 

These placements are a high-impact, brand visibility opportunity aimed at the film audience. We are open to talking further about incorporating more products in other scenes throughout Saving Bimini.  We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience!


  • : Sarah, a now high school graduate and marine biology student, who works at the local aquarium gets the chance of a lifetime. To intern at her dream job at the world renown "Abaco Island Dolphin Sanctuary". There are no words to describe the majesty and serenity on the beautiful clear water island of Abaco, with dolphins, eagle rays, swimming pigs and abundant marine life. Life couldn't get any better, until the nephew of the Sanctuary's owner, a greedy and crooked con artist decides to try and steal the land and the sanctuary. Sarah, her intern friends, and the town of Abaco, must find a way to keep the sanctuary and all the marine life safe.
  • : Derek Lee Nixon
  • : 210-687-8755
  • :
  • : production
  • : previous film- Dolphin Kick/Netflix/VOD/Cable
  • : Water, or sports drink integration, Toiletries and personal hygiene, Canned and box food/drink, Energy Drinks, Apparel, including but not limited to: beach wear, water, swim wear, dive brands, shoes and apparel, Protein, and nutrition bars/snacks, Candy and gum, Jet Ski, small vessel, wave runner, Smart phones/Tablets/Smart watches
  • : April, 2020
  • : Not for public release
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Throughout the film, there are several scenes where Belen, lead female protagonist, catches up with friends or connects with Ryan, her lead male romantic interest over wine or beer.

Belen heads to her best friend Rylo’s party with a bottle of wine to catch up and talk about her failing love life. Later through the evening, everyone cheers with their drinks for Rylo and her career achievement.

Ryan and Belen have their first real connection over their mutual interest in similar music and beer tastes, specifically IPA’s.

  • : Moments after their own bad break-ups, struggling female filmmaker and apathetic businessman instantly connect at a party, beginning a rebound relationship with all odds stacked against them.
  • : Sarah Niver
  • : 5304104775
  • :
  • : production
  • : Wine & Beer
  • : January 2020
  • : wine, drinking, spirits, alcohol
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Our production is shooting in Canada, we need US branded items for the following.

Canned Food and Shelf Stable Foods, Toothpaste/Hygiene Items, Medical-Band-Aids/Gauze, Survivalist Books/Manuals, Camping/Outdoors Clothing & Equipment.- After a tragic event that claims the life of her husband and son, EDEE HOLZER (main character) retreats from society and moves to the wilderness in Wyoming to live off the land. She brings a 6 month supply of some dried goods and canned goods (shelf stable foods) to sustain her as well as hygiene items, camping clothing/equipment and a plethora of survival guides, books and manuals so she can learn how to live alone in the wilderness. She looses some food due to a bear going through her kitchen and store house, eventually runs out of food and almost starves. A neighbour, MIGUEL, eventually nurtures her to health and starts bringing her regular provisions. 

As Miguel and Edee become friends they share a bonding moment over a Root Beer.

In a flashback scene, Edee is in her upscale Chicago apartment post-tragedy and she is depressed wondering what she has to live for. Her kitchen shows signs of her mental state with food wrappers laying around, spoiled food and spills on the counter. 

Cleared Advertising: Exterior Small Town Storefronts (Hardware Store, Grocery, Pharmacy, Diner, Sporting Goods Store, Hospital)

As Edee prepares for life in the wilderness she stocks up with provisions in the nearest small town (Wyoming). We see the exterior small town main street (need window dressing) and interior of the Sporting Goods Store and Diner. 

Later in the script Edee visits Miguel in the Hospital as he is dying of cancer. 

  • : EDEE HOLZER (Robin Wright) is a cosmopolitan lawyer consumed by grief. With advice from online survivalists, she moves to the most unpopulated area in the U.S., living in a cabin in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. There, she must learn to hunt, fish and grow her food as she faces brutal winters, a challenging landscape and local wildlife that could kill her at any moment. In crossing paths with Joseph, a First Nations local, Edee begins to confront her demons.
  • : Danielle
  • : 4036078553
  • : production
  • : Big Beach/ Focus Features
  • : Products: Canned Food and Shelf Stable Foods, Root Beer, Toothpaste/Hygiene Items, Medical-Band-Aids/Gauze, Survivalist Books/Manuals, Camping/Outdoors Clothing & Equipment. Cleared Advertising: Exterior Small Town Storefronts (Hardware Store, Grocery, Pharmacy, Diner, Sporting Goods Store, Hospital
  • : Bush's Beans, Hormel Chili, Wolf Brand Chili, Polysporin, Stewart's Root Beer, Mugs Root Beer, Zesto Root Beer, Band-Aid, Colgate, Crest, Arm & Hammer, Campbells, Heinz Beans, Total Outdoorsman, Oral B,
  • : Cabin in the Woods (canned goods, books/manuals): September 3, 2019 Cabin in the Woods (fresh food/groceries): September 5, 2019 Cabin in the Woods (Root Beer): September 24, 2019 Cleared Graphics/Artwork for Storefronts and Interiors in Small Town: September 24, 2019 Upper middle class Chicago Apartment: September 30, 2019 Cabin in the woods (Hygiene & Medical): October 14, 2019
  • : The film is a drama, starring and directed by Golden Globe winner, Robin Wright (House of Cards, Forrest Gump, Wonder Woman).
  • : Canned Beans, Root Beer, Band-Aid, Total Outdoorsman, Survivalist, Toothpaste, Baking Soda, Camping Gear, Fishing Rod
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The projected budget of $40 million is due to a focus on authenticity and accuracy, set construction of an Iraqi village, a forward operating base, a number of supporting roles, and visual effects.  The majority of the budget will be spent on talent, because this is a military drama, it requires spot-on acting performances.

Box Office Comparison of Successful Films in the Same or Similar Genre

(War, Drama)



Worldwide Gross






American Sniper




Hack Saw Ridge




Lone Survivor




  • : Inspired by true events of the 2004 attack on an American forward operating base in Mosul, Iraq, and written by a 4-time deployed combat soldier. Marez is a war drama about Captain Ryan Pierce, a battle-hardened soldier who deploys to avenge the death of his daughter who was killed in the attack only to find himself facing a second battle with a senior ISIS commander, Abu Abdullah al-Shafi’i.
  • : Michael G Olsen
  • : 3345209597
  • :
  • : production
  • : Lou Pizarro
  • : Soft drinks, Alcohol, Clothing, Military, Cars
  • : Coca-Cola, Chevy
  • : September 8, 2019
  • : Max Martini, Dennis Haysbert
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