The motorcycle features prominently in the final sequence when Zoey and Azel ride under the moonlight. They touch for the first time when Zoey wraps her arms around Azel.

In the bar of a 5-star hotel Zoey requests Kosher wine. The bartender returns with a bottle and shows her the label.

A Jewish prayerbook is the focal point of 3 scenes when Zoey is reciting Kaddish in the synagogue. She kisses the prayerbook.

The film opens in the Ladies’ Lounge of a 5-star hotel. A pivotal upbeat scene occurs in the Bar of the same hotel.

Zoey and Azel wear helmets as they ride on the motorcycle and she rests her head against his back.

The Chanel-style skirt suit is something the character of Cher would have worn in the movie Clueless. In the mini skirt and bold colors, Zoey is contrasted against the modestly dressed Orthodox women.

  • : Do you ever yearn for something—someone—spiritual? OrthoGirl is a short romance film about Zoey, a secular Jewish women. and Azel, an ultra Orthodox man.
  • : Jeryl Parade
  • : 860.830.1792
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  • : property_department
  • : Motorcyle, Kosher Wine, Jewish Prayerbooks, 5-Star Hotel, Motorcycle Helmets, Mini Skirt & Matching Jacket
  • : Film is set in Georgetown. Ritz-Carlton & The Four Seasons are 5-star brands located there.
  • : July 1, 2023 or later
  • : motorcycle, motorscooter, kosher wine, luxury hotel, women's apparel