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A SkyView of Her

All products received to production. will be highlighted in a well manner. No items will be destroyed, or no brand will be portrayed in a bad manner in any way shape or form. 

  • : A Pilot warps into a different dimension seeking the safe space. Meanwhile his lover is awaiting his arrival, but the pilot has yet to know his true identity. They must both work together to save both worlds if not they life would never exist
  • : Chris Lukeworth
  • : 602-648-1140
  • :
  • : production
  • : Cars, Watches, Drinks, Electronics, Airlines, Liquor
  • : Any
  • : 07/15/2023
  • : Jennifer Lawarence and Josh Hutcherson


The film project is set in a 1995-1996 downtown Orlando Haunted House Attraction (location inspired by the now-defunct attraction: Terror on Church Street.  The Passage del Terror Franchise is still in existence in Europe and I’d be interested in using their logo for the project as the title of the fictional haunt is : Terror at Skull Manor.). There are various opportunities for product placement ideas throughout the script.  I can send a copy of the script to you, but more information on the project can be found at: 

The script is also available on Script Revolution

I am still seeking a producer/co-producer for this project so I do not have any set completion dates as of yet, but want to get a feel for what might be possible for product placement in the meantime.

  • : A haunted house actress discovers the joys and horrors of falling for an opportunistic coworker
  • : Kim Donovan
  • : 323-404-6796
  • :
  • : production
  • : TBD
  • : theatrical makeup (Ben Nye, Mehron, others), Haunted attraction props, costumes (especially vintage), Coke, wine, wine coolers, Jack Daniels
  • : Passage del Terror, Applebees, Chilis, Chevy, Florida State, Downtown Orlando restaurants/bar, Orlando Weekly
  • : TBD still in development
  • : TBD
  • : horror, Orlando, haunted house, coke, chevy, Applebees, restaurant, bar, computer, car, 1990's, costume,


The motorcycle features prominently in the final sequence when Zoey and Azel ride under the moonlight. They touch for the first time when Zoey wraps her arms around Azel.

In the bar of a 5-star hotel Zoey requests Kosher wine. The bartender returns with a bottle and shows her the label.

A Jewish prayerbook is the focal point of 3 scenes when Zoey is reciting Kaddish in the synagogue. She kisses the prayerbook.

The film opens in the Ladies’ Lounge of a 5-star hotel. A pivotal upbeat scene occurs in the Bar of the same hotel.

Zoey and Azel wear helmets as they ride on the motorcycle and she rests her head against his back.

The Chanel-style skirt suit is something the character of Cher would have worn in the movie Clueless. In the mini skirt and bold colors, Zoey is contrasted against the modestly dressed Orthodox women.

  • : Do you ever yearn for something—someone—spiritual? OrthoGirl is a short romance film about Zoey, a secular Jewish women. and Azel, an ultra Orthodox man.
  • : Jeryl Parade
  • : 860.830.1792
  • :
  • : property_department
  • : Motorcyle, Kosher Wine, Jewish Prayerbooks, 5-Star Hotel, Motorcycle Helmets, Mini Skirt & Matching Jacket
  • : Film is set in Georgetown. Ritz-Carlton & The Four Seasons are 5-star brands located there.
  • : July 1, 2023 or later
  • : motorcycle, motorscooter, kosher wine, luxury hotel, women's apparel
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Selling Sunset


Our show is trying to travel more, with our heart set on a girls trip to Miami.  Looking for seamless integration with a top tier brand who would benefit from working with our program.  Our show is in the top 94% percentile for Netflix programming with a global presence.

Looking to secure a villa in Miami for the girls to stay at, and will integrate the proper product into this episode if the brand can financially assist or help make this on camera trip happen.

THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY to work with the Selling Sunset team!

  • : Luxe real estate docs series, focused on the hottest homes in LA.....takes a girls trip to Miami!
  • : Heather Ronkoske
  • : 7734568502
  • :
  • : production
  • : Netflix
  • : Looking for financial assistance for a Cast Trip in Miami. Open to discussion on product, and how to work together
  • : Hotels, airlines, beauty, fashion, water anything that would make sense and be on brand for our show
  • : March 7-March 11 2023
  • : Female Cast of Selling Sunset S7
  • : Travel Luxe Airline Hotel Beauty Fashion Water Auto Tech Real Estate Hair
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The Pact

Our main character Brandon (Eric Bellinger) is a struggling musician. He plays the piano and guitar. We have a few scenes of him playing the guitar and being in the studio so headphones, speakers, laptops would be key for these scenes. He also loves Coca Cola/Pepsi and he uses it to stay awake for his writing sessions. 

There’s a music showcase scene at the end of the film which would be perfect to showcase alcoholic beverages as the staff serves drinks in between each act.


Ne-Yo needs a nice car to chauffer his character to the showcase scene. Would be a good opportunity to show the emblem of the car as he gets out of it for the pivotal scene in the film. 

We have an opportunity for airlines to be featured in the film as the couple comes back from Vegas to deal with the fallout of their decision.


also Patti Labelle would need transportation from Philadelphia to LA where we would shoot the film. 

  • : Two best friends made a pact in college to get married to each other by 30 if they’re not already married. After a drunken night in Las Vegas they end up married to each other. Does the relationship last or do they break up.
  • : Robert Butler
  • : 2482199164
  • :
  • : production
  • : Maverick Entertainment
  • : Laptops, cellphones, juice, clothes, sound speakers, guitars
  • : Apple, Coca Cola, Dell, Sony,
  • : January 2023
  • : Ne-Yo, Kym Whitley, Eric Bellinger, Tyler Kay Whitley, Patti Labelle
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American Auto Season 2

We have a scene coming up where our lawyer character (played by Humphrey Ker) is showing other employees where the shredders are located throughout the office, implying that they should use them to destroy evidence before the documents are confiscated.

We are looking for larger shredders, something over 30″ in height would be ideal. In the script there are 3 shredders but we will take what we can get!

Thank you!

  • : The executives of Payne Motors must adapt to the changing times or be sent to the junkyard.
  • : Jessie Chaffin
  • : 7074807657
  • :
  • : set_department
  • : NBC Universal
  • : Shredders
  • : Boxis, Kensington, Ativa, Formax, HSM
  • : 9-23-22 at latest
  • : Ana Gasteyer, Jon Barinholtz, Harriet Dyer, Tye White, X Mayo, Humphrey Ker, Michael Benjamin Washington
  • : Shredder
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Hello, This is a fun story that is based on urban kids’ spring break. It is wild and fun and colorful. 1992


A time that millennials don’t remember. Cool brands and ads, clothing, electronics, payphones and cassettes.

  • : Spring Break, 1992 for urban fun seekers
  • : Daphne Hayes
  • : 404-652-9077
  • :
  • : set_department
  • : BET
  • : any items that was available between 1980 - 1994
  • : all
  • : 09/10/2022
  • : Many
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Cocktails with Nick and Lana

The story is a murder mystery. The two main characters, Nick and Lana host a series of six cocktail parties to help discover the murderer.  The story concludes at a large cocktail party where the murderer is finally revealed. The tone is fun, witty, chatty.

  • : When a next-door neighbor is murdered, married couple Nick and Lana McQuoid host cocktail parties in their condo in an attempt to discover which of their neighbors pulled the trigger.
  • : Ronald W Jackson
  • : 18586927392
  • :
  • : production
  • : Gravitas Ventures
  • : alcohol, beer, wine
  • : Titos, Woodford, Budweiser, and the like
  • : October
  • : Currently casting
  • : rum, vodka, tequalia, beer, wine, bourbon
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Product Placement for Comedy Film with National Theatrical Distribution

Splinter Shoot Scheduled for May 23-29, 2022 (Blue screen set)

Principal Photography scheduled: July 6-Aug 10, 2022

Location: Savannah, GA

This is a family-friendly comedy that has opportunities for brand placements and brand integration.

Distribution: National Theatrical Distribution (w P&A)

Key Scenes for Product Placements/integration:

Interior kitchen & home scenes: set decoration and food products

Family BBQ scene: Meat/food brands, grilling equipment,

Outdoor Sports scene: Basketball gear and sports equipment

Driving Scene: Car brands

Craft Services for cast and crew (snacks, food, meals, drinks, etc)





  • : Overachieving lawyer, doctor, architect, nonunion plumber, and food delivery driver Taylor receives divine inspiration to become a writer. The battle begins between good and evil as the Devil does everything to stop God’s plan.
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 317-384-8985
  • :
  • : production
  • : AMC Theaters/Unnamed Streaming Platform
  • : apparel, food, drinks, kitchen items, homegoods, BBQ related, chainsaw , furniture
  • : Open to all brands. Harley Davidson, Airlines,
  • : May 27, July 6-Aug 10, 2022
  • : Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jamie Foxx, Raphael Saadiq, Luc Ashley, Ron G
  • : Comedy, Feature film, car, auto, foods, drinks, lifestyle brands
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Working Title

  • : A beautiful, coming of age story of comedy, drama, and friendship. Lady Bird meets La LA Land as three students become unexpected friends as they try to navigate their way through the summer and all that gets thrown at them.
  • : Tyler Miller
  • : 801-842-2476
  • :
  • : production
  • : TBA
  • : Any and all products
  • : Paul Rudd is in discussion.
  • : Feature Film, Major Motion Picture,
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