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Working Title

  • : A beautiful, coming of age story of comedy, drama, and friendship. Lady Bird meets La LA Land as three students become unexpected friends as they try to navigate their way through the summer and all that gets thrown at them.
  • : Tyler Miller
  • : 801-842-2476
  • :
  • : production
  • : TBA
  • : Any and all products
  • : Paul Rudd is in discussion.
  • : Feature Film, Major Motion Picture,
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Product Placement for Comedy Film with National Theatrical Distribution

Splinter Shoot Scheduled for May 23-29, 2022 (Blue screen set)

Principal Photography scheduled: July 6-Aug 10, 2022

Location: Savannah, GA

This is a family-friendly comedy that has opportunities for brand placements and brand integration. 

Distribution: National Theatrical Distribution (w P&A)

Key Scenes for Product Placements/integration:

Interior kitchen & home scenes: set decoration and food products

Family BBQ scene: Meat/food brands, grilling equipment, 

Outdoor Sports scene: Basketball gear and sports equipment

Driving Scene: Car brands

Craft Services for cast and crew (snacks, food, meals, drinks, etc)





  • : Overachieving lawyer, doctor, architect, nonunion plumber, and food delivery driver Taylor receives divine inspiration to become a writer. The battle begins between good and evil as the Devil does everything to stop God’s plan.
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 317-384-8985
  • :
  • : production
  • : AMC Theaters/Unnamed Streaming Platform
  • : apparel, food, drinks, kitchen items, homegoods, BBQ related, chainsaw , furniture
  • : Open to all brands. Harley Davidson, Airlines,
  • : May 27, July 6-Aug 10, 2022
  • : Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jamie Foxx, Raphael Saadiq, Luc Ashley, Ron G
  • : Comedy, Feature film, car, auto, foods, drinks, lifestyle brands
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Title of project – Cannot be named, we will let anyone know who is interested in putting their product on show. (Must sign NDA)

Shooting locations are in Arizona, New Mexico, New York, New Orleans and California.

We will start production on July 13th so if you are interested, please contact us beforehand. 



  • : Science fiction fantasy series
  • : Chris Lee
  • : 4802526618
  • :
  • : production
  • : Cars, Trucks, Cleaning Products, Beers, Liquor, Kitchen Equipment, Shoes, Any brand that will want to be on a billboard
  • : July 13th
  • : Idris Elba, Keke Palmer
  • : Television

The Legend of Lake Hollo

Penumbra Entertainment is currently shooting a feature film in the Middle Tennessee area and is looking for product placement in exchange for some form of production assistance. There are two main scenes that naturally lend themselves to placement of an alcohol brand, preferably a whisky, vodka or other spirit. 

In the first scene, life is good and a group of friends enjoy a casual drink. At the end of the film, the last few standing in full panic mode take long swigs of the alcohol they brought with them to the cabin. The use of the product on screen will reflect positively on the brand chosen.

Half of the film is complete and samples of the quality of work can be shared with those companies who are interested in product placement in a feature film.

Please email if you would like to discuss the possibilities. 

  • : A group of friends finds themselves in a deadly nightmare when trail cameras at their remote rental cabin reveal they are surrounded by more than just Mother Nature.
  • : Chris Hollo
  • : 6154003002
  • :
  • : production
  • : Whiskey or other spirits
  • : April 2022
  • : alcohol, whiskey, vodka, distilleries
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We are looking for Hydraflask Specifically as it is scripted. We are also interested in candy, snacks, chips, pop, juice, alcohol (beer, spirits etc). We are also looking for a business desktop phone that has a small digital screen or none at all but has speakerphone capability to dress into our standing sets (Video Store front floor, manager’s office, lunch room) as well as small countertop appliances for the luncheon. Interested in watches, sunglasses/glasses and backpacks/bags for cast as well. This will be a joint effort between Props and Set Dec. Thank you!

  • : Comedy series on Netflix about the last Blockbuster Store left.
  • : Patti Wilson - Props
  • : 604-562-3384
  • :
  • : property_department
  • : NBC Universal/Netflix
  • : Hydra Flask, Business Desktop Phones, Candy, Snacks, Drinks (Non Alcohol and Alcohol), Watches, Sunglasses, Glasses, bags, backpacks for cast. Small kitchen countertop appliances.
  • : Hydra Flask
  • : Go to camera Feb 28, Shoot in Vancouver, BC
  • : Randall Park, rest of cast TBD.
  • : Appliances, food, pop, juice, alcohol, beer. watch, glasses, sunglasses, bags, backpacks, water bottles, candy, snacks, spirits
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Club Life

In addition to the professional athlete or entertainer, Club Lifel will occasionally introduce an up and coming pro to tee up, like Ginger Howard, Cheyenne Woods or Shasta Averyhardt, how these new faces help to get a fresh perspective on the conventional sport. How are these millennials and women fairing in a game that is so steeped in tradition? We will be talking to some of the most unexpected celebrities, that many are unaware are golf addicts. Stay tuned and prepare to get hooked on Club Life! style. 

The show has been picked up for 10 episodes in 2022. Shooting starts in April.

  • : CLUB LIFE is a lifestyle series that opens the door to the exclusive golf & country club lifestyle. Join host, style influencer and golf aficionado, Wendell Haskins along with his celebrity friends as he gives unprecedented access to the private world of golf and the luxuries that surround it. This is the life - THE CLUB LIFE.
  • : Darius Evans
  • : 202-329-5892
  • :
  • : production
  • : CBS Sports
  • : Golf apparel, golf equipment, sporting goods, spirits.
  • : April 2022
  • : Alonzo Mourning, Anthony Anderson, Chris Paul, Mark Wahlberg, Bubba Watson, Steph Curry
  • : Car, spirits, golf, sports, golf apparel, gear.
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24 More Questions Music Video


Our production company has recently been activated to direct the music video for a song that will be featured in an upcoming feature film soundtrack to the movie BOSCO. 


The music video will feature the following artists and actors, who have agreed to promote and post the video on their social media channels:

  • Snoop Dogg (Reach 66M-70M)
  • DJ Whoo Kid (Reach 1M-3M)
  • Dave East (Reach 3M-6M) 
  • Aubrey Joseph (Reach 200k-300k)


We would like to see if any of your clients would be interested in product placement opportunities in the video to have their brand/logo shown or interacted with during the video. 


In the attached product placement package, we have identified opportunities for alcohol, apparel, and lifestyle products. 


We have also attached the music video treatment to give direction to what the overall video will look like. 


The intended release date for video: 2/14/2022


Please let me know if you may have a client that could benefit from this opportunity. 


Link to Product Placement Package


Link to Music Video Treatment

Thank you


Jaron Marquis

  • : Product Placement Opportunity in Music Video with A-List Celebrity
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 317-384-8985
  • :
  • : production
  • : alcohol, apparel,
  • : 1/26/2022-2/5/2022
  • : Snoop Dogg, Dave East, DJ Whoo Kid, Aubrey Joseph
  • : music video, placement, brand integration
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Killing It


I wanted to reach out to you about a promotional opportunity. NBC/Universal TV is filming Killing It ( in the New Orleans area, and are currently seeking to equip both a grocery store set and an electronics store set. We are seeking product &/or product packaging that takes up space – actors will be stopping to talk frequently, so it’s a great opportunity to visually appeal to the viewers.

Killing It is a 10 episode (Season 1) series starring Craig Robinson (The Office, Brooklyn 99). Killing It is scheduled to wrap in late February/early March, and will air on Peacock.

You can find more information about the show and cast at

Product &/or product packaging should be shipped to:

Killing It ℅ Jennifer Pharr

Quixote Studios

10289 E. Airline Hwy

St. Rose, La 70087


While NBC productions doesn’t normally solicit product placement, we’re in a bit of a time crunch here, so exceptions are being made. If you have any product &/or product packaging, and can commit to getting it to us by next Friday (January 14, 2022), please let me know what you can provide and when we can expect it, so that it can go through our appropriate clearance channels.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon –


Jennifer Pharr

Owner, Get Seen On Screen

  • : NBC Product Placement Opportunity
  • : Jennifer Pharr
  • : 5042297172
  • :
  • : production
  • : NBC Universal TV
  • : appropriate to grocery store &/or electronics store
  • : 01/14/2022
  • : Craig Robinson, Claudia O'Doherty
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