“Saving Bimini” is the 3rd of the Dolphin Series of Family/Island feature films with Aristar Films.  We are shooting on location in Grand Bahama Island, and are very strong and passionate on Positive messages, educational value , and obviously environmental awareness messaging for the audience.

In 2021 Sony/Pureflix “Dolphin Island”  took the domestic rights and premiered on 3/2/21.  (Dolphin Island” the 2nd of the 3 Pictures) — DI was pre-sold to Daro Films for the international rights, and the picture has graced over 300 Million Homes across the globe.  “Dolphin Island” excited audiences and was a financially successful Picture.  As of 8/15/23 available on Amazon Prime, RedBox, Apple TV, Vudu, Roku (Upfaith, and Tubi)

In 2019 Netflix  “Dolphin Kick” took the exclusive SVOD rights and released DK on 1/22/19.  DK was a Top 10 streamed film on Netflix for 3 weeks.  It released on all major platforms in the US including, Comcast, DirecTV, COX, Spectrum, Dish, Uverse, Amazon and more.  Epic Pictures, purchased the international rights and was released in over 90 countries world wide. It is still making waves as of 12/22 playing on over a dozen platforms, including Comcast, Vudu, Googleplay, Amazon, Peacock, Tubi and more.

‘Saving Bimini’ should have a much wider release than the previous, ‘Dolphin kick’, and ‘Dolphin island’.  Due to the SAG/WGA strike, the sky is the limit here.   

Producer: Derek Lee Nixon’s other most recent film’s, ‘Dead Awake’, and ‘Round of Your Life’ went theatrical for 4 weeks while ‘Dead Awake’ went to Netflix, ‘Round of Your Life’ premiered on Showtime in November, 2019.  ‘Jurassic Tale’, a dinosaur family comedy, is currently available via Lions Gate Home Entertainment. Nixon’s films have amassed over 700 Million in Sales.

  • : Sarah, A high school graduating, hopeful marine biologist and Dolphin enthusiast, gets the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at the prestigious, world reknown Abaco Island Marine Sanctuary, where they save dolphins, among many other majestic sea life.. It's the dream until the founders nephew poisons him and plans on selling the property and the dolphins. Sarah, the interns and staff must devise a plan to keep the Sanctuary and the Dolphins at their home.
  • : Derek Lee Nixon
  • : 210-687-8755
  • : aristarfilms@gmail.com
  • : production
  • : Netflix/Sony
  • : Scuba Diving, Branded Vehicles, Computer/Laptops, Tablets, Telephones, Water, Juice, Household items, Energy Drinks, Salt Water Aquarium and accessories, Airlines, Boating, Lawn Mower, Luggage/Travel, Underwater Camera, Professional Video Camera, Luxury Time piece (watch), Kayaks, Dog Food
  • : 11/23-1/24
  • : Dolphin (our main stars)