We are thrilled to be currently filming “Saving Bimini,” the third installment of the Dolphin Series of Family/Island features produced by Aristar Films. Our team is on location in the stunning Bahamas and is dedicated to promoting positive messaging, educational value, and environmental awareness through our work.


Our previous film, “Dolphin Island,” was a hit with audiences and a financial success. It is now available on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, RedBox, Apple TV, Vudu, Roku (Upfaith, and Tubi). In 2019, Netflix acquired exclusive SVOD rights for “Dolphin Kick,” which was released on January 22nd of the same year. The film exceeded our expectations in terms of success and was a top 10 streamed movie on Netflix for three weeks. It is now available on all major platforms in the US, including Comcast, DirecTV, COX, Spectrum, Dish, Uverse, Amazon, and more. The international rights were purchased by Epic Pictures, and it was released in over 90 countries worldwide. As of December 22nd, it is still playing on over a dozen platforms, including Comcast, Vudu, Googleplay, Amazon, Peacock, Tubi, and more.


Our film placements offer an incredible opportunity to reach over 300 million homes in the film audience and promote brand awareness. We would be delighted to discuss incorporating more products in other scenes throughout “Saving Bimini.” We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you soon! to discuss incorporating more products in other scenes throughout “Saving Bimini.” We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • : Sarah, a now high school graduate and marine biology student, who works at the local aquarium gets the chance of a lifetime. To intern at her dream job at the world renown "Abaco Island Dolphin Sanctuary". There are no words to describe the majesty and serenity on the beautiful clear water island of Abaco, with dolphins, eagle rays, swimming pigs and abundant marine life. Life couldn't get any better, until the nephew of the Sanctuary's owner, a greedy and crooked con artist decides to try and steal the land and the sanctuary. Sarah, her intern friends, and the town of Abaco, must find a way to keep the sanctuary and all the marine life safe
  • : Melody Walsh
  • : 775-220-1657
  • : development@aristarfilm,com
  • : production
  • : Water, or sports drink integration, Vehicles, Airline, Shipping company,ng but not limited to: beach wear, water, swim wear, dive brands, shoes and apparel, Protein, and nutrition bars/snacks, Candy and gum, Toiletries and personal hygiene, Canned and box food/drink, Energy Drinks, Apparel, includiJet Ski, small vessel, wave runner, Smart phones/Tablets/Smart watches
  • : Jeep, Landrover, Tesla,Mercedes, Fedex, Ups, DHL, Aqualung, Cressi, Breitling, Rolex, Citizen, Voss, Fuji, Boxed Water,
  • : 11/28/2023-12/23/2023
  • : Not for Public Release- Dolphins
  • : car, auto, vehicle, jeep, land rover, tesla, water, scuba, dive, watch, shoes, apparel, Pancake Syrup, food, energy bars, energy drinks, shipping,