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Our integrations on this show will be part of a very desirable end reveal! We can offer lots of fun modes of coverage to brands in the creative of the show and will often develop creative around the in-kind partnerships. Our incidentals are top-notch, and we have some great national and non-national brands on board so far. 

  • : This series follows different couples that can’t decide, or can’t agree, on what kind of home to buy. At a breaking point, they decide to take a radical step and blindly hand the decision – and their entire budget – over to a team of three industry experts charged with making the choice for these couples. The expert team chooses the property for the buyer, who will not get to view the property prior to purchase, and then be challenged to take the house through a stunning renovation. The title of the show is “Buying it Blind.”
  • : Libby Wampler, Integrations Producer
  • : 310-405-5807
  • :
  • : production
  • : BRAVO
  • : Buying it Blind is a fun first-season renovation/real estate, and home design show for BRAVO -- our show's seeking home decor brands for inside and out, build materials, paint, appliances, solid surfaces, hardware, electronics, smart-home, flooring, electrical and more. We love finding problem-solving pieces of furniture like sofas, headboards, and casegoods and can offer beautiful and fun visual real estate to our partners and different modes of exposure ranging from credit to guaranteed's.
  • : Any and all furnishings brands, NATIONAL and regional to ATLANTA!
  • : ASAP, prior to October
  • : Michel Smith Boyd, Anna Kilinski
  • : home furnishings, home decor, build materials, build show, renovation show, renovation, diy, home show, furniture
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Broken Heart

  • : An all-Texas comedy set in Fort Worth, focused on a quick-witted songwriter and a string of bad dates, bad luck, and big dreams.
  • : Rob Redwine
  • : 817-899-5956
  • :
  • : production
  • : Texas liquor, Texas based beer, Texas laptop/computer, Texas based automotive, Texas based dating app,
  • : Dell,, TX Whiskey, Shiner Bock, Rahr beer, Colorado High Vodka,
  • : October 1
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We film inside of a police department and use real police cars.  We have access to a gym and often times in our briefing room we have drinks and food on camera.  We are willing to call products by name.  We are outfitting a 2015 Ford Explorer as well for the production.

  • : AGPD is a faux documentary series following a fictional Southern California Police Department. We will take a raw and authentic and comedic look at law enforcement in a troubled Southern California City.
  • : Dan Vermette
  • : 7602088338
  • :
  • : production
  • : Law enforcement, food or drink, clothing, gym and exercise, cars
  • : Sept 8th, 2018
  • : Eva Rickert, Ben Butler, Corban Baker, Charles Curtice
  • : Ford, Police, Law enforcement, sheriff, food, drink, gym, exercise, Youtube, community, service, safety, protection
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We are seeking $1200 from TRX training to sponsor the cost of the prominent banner wall. TRX Training will be the exclusive sponsor of this banner wall and your logo will be clearly visible in several shots within the film.

  • : An up-and-coming MMA fighter who must summon the strength to persevere through extreme adversity as he prepares for his upcoming match.
  • : Cole A Winokur
  • : 9492303758
  • :
  • : production
  • : TBD - Film Festival Circuit
  • : Brand names will be used on a event sponsor wall
  • : Brand related to Sports and Entertainment
  • : August 25th, 2018
  • : Benjamin Daniel Levy, Cleveland Berto, Brennan Keel Cook
  • : Sports, Entertainment, MMA

Laugh After Dark

Laugh After Dark is a late-night and digital broadcast stand-up series that features talented comics from around the world at our Los Angeles Studio Soundstage. Our audience and target demographic consists of viewers aged 13-55, with the largest segment being 21-38 tech savvy, social media users who are brand loyal and vocally expressive about the brands they like and love.


Our live shows are professionally produced and distributed on-air both digitally and through traditional broadcast across the country. Audio productions are also available for sponsorship on all podcast and comedy radio outlets and platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.


We are seeking production partners to be a part of both the live experience and the digital experiences on the various platforms such as Facebook Watch, IGTV, Amazon Prime and more!

  • : Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Series Hosted by Comedienne Luc Ashley
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 3173848985
  • :
  • : production
  • : Amazon Prime/ Facebook Watch/ IGTV/ YouTube TV
  • : Alcohol; Beverages; Technology;
  • : any
  • : 9/28/2018
  • : Luc Ashley; Michael Longfellow; Jeremy Gumbo Christian
  • : car, auto , alcohol, beverage, technology, sports, lifestyle, home, family, california, clothing, fashion
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A Deadly Romance

Hero Cell Phones for featured use, Hero Yoga/Coffee for featured use, 1- Laptop Featured use

  • : A single mother and her daughter move to a new town where she meets the man of her dreams who might be hiding some very dark secrets.
  • : Ashley Michelle Marsh
  • : 505-310-2838
  • :
  • : Lifetime
  • : Cell Phones, Teenager Products, Beauty Products, Coffee, Laptops, Yoga/Fitness
  • : 7/19/18
  • : Jennifer Taylor, Ryan Patrick Shanahan
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Tyson’s Run

This is a wholesome show about family. We are building a sneaker store and performing a marathon.

  • : Tysons Run is an extraoidinary story who overcomes circumstances which leads to his family healing and renewed lease on love and life
  • : Daphne Hayes
  • : 4049197335
  • :
  • : set_department
  • : Netflix
  • : Athletic shoes, sneakers, commercial banners, Science related, food, wine, liquor, sports(football), running marathon
  • : Nike, Asics, Adidas, Puma, sneakers
  • : Monday, July 9, 2018 +
  • : amy smart, rory cochrane

Pick & Flip on Facebook Watch

  • : An automotive docu-series of car buying, fixing & flipping awesome cars -- featuring live, online bidding!
  • : Peter D. Coogan
  • : +1-310-264-0028 x211 yet email always works best
  • :
  • :
  • : Car stereos, AV, smart-car tablet, GPS, rear-seat TV, gadgets. Auto parts, tires, wheels, Car paint. Car tools. Hand tools. Master mechanic tools. Power tools.
  • : Samsung. Alpine. JVC. Sony. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep. AC Delco.
  • : Monday 21 May 2018 - July 2018.
  • : Auto parts, tires, wheels, paint. Cars, trucks, RVs. Car garage tools. Car tools. Hand tools. Master mechanic tools. Power tools. Air tools. Custom-car parts, paints. Paint-spray gun. Truck trailer, car trailer, tow truck, tow-truck services, trucking services. Workshop tools. Welder. Compressor. Generator. Work lights. Smart-car electronics, high-tech car gadgets, GPS, HiFi, AV, AC. Heavy equipment: fork lift, lift truck, scissor lift, telehandler, crane, loader. Mens toys. Mens luxuries. Bad-boy gear. Motorcycles, motorcyle helmets, motorcycle leathers.
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Happy Death Day 2 U aka Foe Paw

  • : The sequel to the Blumstone/Universal 2017 Halloween hit HAPPY DEATH DAY
  • : 661-703-1407
  • :
  • : Blumhouse / Universal
  • : bikes, computers, women's bags, back packs, watches, make up, household cleaning products,
  • : before May 17, 2018
  • : Universal, Jason Blum, electronics, food, snacks, fruit juice, cafeteria, college,
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Blonde Doctors

  • : Two beautiful, buxom, brilliant, fiercely competing BAD BLONDE DOCTORS become GREAT DOCTORS when they form a truce and use their life-saving BLONDE POWER to outsmart a sleazy, corrupt hospital director and achieve victory.
  • : Rob Margolies
  • : 9178736987
  • :
  • : Different Duck Films
  • : Hair care, Snack companies, Beverage, Auto, Diamond, Adult care
  • : Cheetos, Diet Coke, Barbie, Mercedes, Starbucks, Loreal
  • : September, 2018
  • : Mercedes, Ford, Cheetos, Snacks, Hair care, Alcohol, Diamond, jewelry, clothing
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