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The Wormhole

Log Line: Misfit musicians take in a lonely teen during her summer vacation in the mountains.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: KaterinaContact Phone: Please contact by emailContact E-Mail: kiki.scribe@gmail.comProduct(s): Clothes, beverages, restaurants, beauty products, music equipment, vehicles, electronics, decor, cleaning tools,

Treehouse Masters 10, on Animal Planet

Log Line: The "tree whisperer" Pete Nelson grants a family's wishes by crafting a luxury dwelling. To the trees!Media Type: Television RealityContact Name: Peter D. CooganContact Phone: +1-424-732-6707 yet, email always works best!Contact E-Mail: Peter_Coogan@wilmatvinc.comNetwork/Distributor: Animal PlanetProduct(s): Travel, airfare, boutique

Moon Man

Log Line: A space engineer must work with an alien to escape Jupiter's moon, GanymedeMedia Type: ShortContact Name: Stellarbound filmsContact Phone: 07944200803Contact E-Mail:

Moon Man

Log Line: A space engineer must work with an alien to escape Jupiter's moon, GanymedeMedia Type: ShortContact Name: KaiContact Phone: 07944200803Contact E-Mail: kaiedwardscreatives@gmail.comProduct(s): Tools

They Don’t Know

Log Line: Music Video with Superbowl champion DeMarcus Ware ft Snoop Dogg raising awareness for ADHDMedia Type: Promotional OpportunityContact Name: PortiaContact Phone: Email FirstContact E-Mail: portia@singingforsuperheroes.comNetwork/Distributor: Multiple Sources (ESPN, TMZ, Celebrities Social Media)Product(s): beverage, kids and adult clothing, food, cars,

MMA Power Hour

Log Line: A weekly, episodic live stream interview show with top mixed martial arts guestsMedia Type: OtherContact Name: Adam RoordaContact Phone: 2134797288Contact E-Mail: adam.d.roorda@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: FacebookProduct(s): Athletic Apperal, production equipment, computersBrands : Alienware, RevGear, Sony, BlackMagicDate Needed: Every WednesdayProduction Information: Host:

F3: Ferocious Femme Fatale

Log Line: Five women warriors trained in various fighting styles compete in the Ferocious Femme Fatale women exclusive martial arts tournament for fame, honor, fortune, duty, and revenge.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Rashawn StrifeContact Phone: (914) 299-7747Contact E-Mail: rashawn.strife@gmail.comProduct(s): Clothing,

Chuy goes solo

Log Line: 1 minute skits for social media based on Chuy's life after Chelsea Lately.Media Type: Internet SeriesContact Name: GabrielleContact Phone: 4242783003Contact E-Mail:

Tough Love

Log Line: A Daytime Emmy nominated digital series about six millennials living in New York City. After participating in a paid social experiment originally intended to help them understand their struggles with dating and relationships, the group finds themselves even

Festivals of Patience

Log Line: A young write in NYC meets the girl of his dreams and hopelessly strives to save her from her tragic past and inner demonsMedia Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Sarah ClaytonContact Phone: 815-861-8641Contact E-Mail: SarahLizClayton@gmail.comProduct(s): Wardrobe, Phones, Cars, Coffee,