ERMA members are the industry leaders with the most up-to-date information on productions, industry trends, television schedules, product placement and branded entertainment techniques. ERMA members have the knowledge to make informed business decisions to turn your products into the stars of the screen!


Hollywood Access

Member agencies work closely with studios and production companies to become a part of a trusted community who are integral in the production and marketing of feature films, television shows, and other entertainment properties.


Provides an exclusive forum where agencies, corporations and studio executives can build relationships and congregate within the entertainment marketing arena.

Information Resource

Informational Program

ERMA provides members with seminars and continuing education on relevant cutting edge industry topics.


An electronic portal providing studio & network executives, producers, property masters, set decorators, costumers, transportation captains, and other industry members with agencies, clients in additional to topical information about the industry, recent news, calendar of events, studio information, current and upcoming programming and other related topics.

Speaker Bureau

ERMA maintains a list of members with extensive public speaking experience who are available to speak on behalf of ERMA as the authority on entertainment marketing and related topics.

Membership Directory

Members are included in a membership directory available to studio executives, producers, corporate America and other relevant Hollywood players.

Code of Ethics

Membership assures corporate clients, studio executives, producers and others that a member’s good standing is based on their adherence to the ERMA Code of Ethics. Members in good standing are permitted to display the ERMA logo on their website and stationary designating them as a member of the ERMA family.

Interactive Database

Members have the option to post the products and services they represent on the ERMA website. The database is a vital tool for studio production resource & brand integration executives, producers, property masters, set decorators, costumers and transportation captains who can search by brand, agency, or product classification.

Productions Find You

Through the membership directory and website, production personnel, media, and advertisers can find you providing unlimited business development opportunities