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Snake River

Hello Erma Members,

My name is Bobby Field and I’m the Writer / Director of the scripted television series that I’m making with the help of Scott Buck (lead writer and show runner of Dexter, Six Feet Under, Iron Fist and many other of my favorite shows). The 1/2 hour pilot episode is being produced independently, then we’re presenting it to all of the major platforms (HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon etc) in order to choose the right home for the series. 
We’ve cast some high profile rock musicians in some of the cameo roles (Joe Elliott – Singer from Def Leppard, Eddie Ojeda – Guitarist of Twisted Sister, Roy Mayorga – Drum of Stone Sour, Bonnie Piesse – Aunt Buru from Star Wars etc), and will be casting the lead roles with well known actors in the near future.
First and foremost, we will be using product placement / sponsorship to help fund the pilot episode. Would your company, or any of the companies on your client list would benefit from advertising to the millions of fans in the Rock & Roll community… with the help of some extremely popular rock musicians? If so, let’s discuss!
In addition, we will also be doing an extensively advertised social media campaign leading up to (and after) the filming of the pilot; where we can further integrate the sponsors and products. The social media campaign will also include participation from the Snake River Rock Musicians (over 25 million FaceBook followers alone), Actors and our partnered suicide prevention charity SAVE. 
If you think some of your companies would like to help with consumer product donations for our sets, we’re currently shooting suicide prevention awareness videos for the social media campaign. Any products donated would be greatly appreciated! 
Below is a link and password to of one of the suicide prevention awareness videos. Please excuse the colorful language… it can be beeped before it airs. 
Snake River Suicide Prevention Video – Social Media:
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss. You can also request the Snake River Product Placement Deck / Look Book, which we would be happy to email to you.   
Bobby Field 
Writer/Director, Snake River
213 804 7508
  • : SNAKE RIVER is a Rock & Roll drama series about the unlikely rise of Luke Weaver, a middle- aged depressive whose talent for self-sabotage is second only to his ability to make great music.
  • : Bobby Field
  • : 213 804 7508
  • :
  • : TBD
  • : Alcohol, Cars, Musical Instruments and Equipment, Clothes, Shoes, Mountain Gear,
  • : Joe Elliot - Singer of Def Leppard, Eddie Ojeda - Guitarist of Twisted Sister, Roy Mayorga - Drummer of Stone Sour, Sin Quirin - Guitarist of Ministry, Jason Christopher - Bassist of Prong, Anthony "Tiny" Biuso - Drummer of TSOL, Bonnie Piesse - Aunt Buru in Star Wars. The lead, celebrity actors will be cast later this year; closer to the filming of the pilot.


Our integrations on this show will be part of a very desirable end reveal! We can offer lots of fun modes of coverage to brands in the creative of the show and will often develop creative around the in-kind partnerships. Our incidentals are top-notch, and we have some great national and non-national brands on board so far. 

  • : This series follows different couples that can’t decide, or can’t agree, on what kind of home to buy. At a breaking point, they decide to take a radical step and blindly hand the decision – and their entire budget – over to a team of three industry experts charged with making the choice for these couples. The expert team chooses the property for the buyer, who will not get to view the property prior to purchase, and then be challenged to take the house through a stunning renovation. The title of the show is “Buying it Blind.”
  • : Libby Wampler, Integrations Producer
  • : 310-405-5807
  • :
  • : BRAVO
  • : Buying it Blind is a fun first-season renovation/real estate, and home design show for BRAVO -- our show's seeking home decor brands for inside and out, build materials, paint, appliances, solid surfaces, hardware, electronics, smart-home, flooring, electrical and more. We love finding problem-solving pieces of furniture like sofas, headboards, and casegoods and can offer beautiful and fun visual real estate to our partners and different modes of exposure ranging from credit to guaranteed's.
  • : Any and all furnishings brands, NATIONAL and regional to ATLANTA!
  • : ASAP, prior to October
  • : Michel Smith Boyd, Anna Kilinski
  • : home furnishings, home decor, build materials, build show, renovation show, renovation, diy, home show, furniture


We are seeking $1200 from TRX training to sponsor the cost of the prominent banner wall. TRX Training will be the exclusive sponsor of this banner wall and your logo will be clearly visible in several shots within the film.

  • : An up-and-coming MMA fighter who must summon the strength to persevere through extreme adversity as he prepares for his upcoming match.
  • : Cole A Winokur
  • : 9492303758
  • :
  • : TBD - Film Festival Circuit
  • : Brand names will be used on a event sponsor wall
  • : Brand related to Sports and Entertainment
  • : August 25th, 2018
  • : Benjamin Daniel Levy, Cleveland Berto, Brennan Keel Cook
  • : Sports, Entertainment, MMA


  • : The four friends you're glad you never had.
  • : Jonathan Fernandez
  • : 718-675-9360
  • :
  • : Will be placed on Amazon Prime, Tidal, Urban movie Channel, African Studios, and Verizon Fios
  • : alcohol, car, women's clothing, men's clothing, sunglasses, televisions, soft drinks, hygiene products, comic books, baseball caps,
  • : BMW, Ford, Maui Jim, Schick Razors, Polar Watches, Country Girl, AT&T, Arm & Hammer, Marvel,
  • : September 1st, 2017
  • : soda, car, televisions, comic books, razors, beer, luxury, clothes, sunglasses, notebooks, computers, tablets, ligthers, cigarettes

Where the Gods Play

  • : "Where The Gods Play" puts the audience in the cockpit with the biggest names in Motorsports and takes them along for the ride as they push the octane limits with their buggy, motorbike, truck and cars through the ultimate playgrounds around the globe.
  • : Ken West
  • : 07 498 360823
  • :
  • : Theatrical/ VOD/ TV - Global
  • : Automotive, Sporting, Beverage, Insurance, Petroleum, Phone, Technology, Health and Fitness, Motorcycling, Apparel
  • : Automotive, Sporting, Beverage, Insurance, Petroleum, Phone, Technology, Health and Fitness, Motorcycling, Apparel

Selfie Dad

  • : When a Comic Gets Serious About the Bible
  • : Michael Curylo
  • : 3109069638
  • :
  • : Sony / GTN Releasing - Domestic 300 theaters + International VOD/DVD + Domestic VOD
  • : For: Kitchen Appliances, Car
  • : Thermador Appliances, Cars, Computer, Post Production House, Film Editing Apps, VFX Apps, Candy Bar fundraising, Computer Programs, Candy, Drinks, Food,
  • : 3/8/2017 for a 15 day shoot
  • : Faith, Family, Christian, Dad,

History Channel’s ‘CarTunerz’

  • : Automotive reality build show hosted by Marc and Shanon Parker who build outrageous on road/off vehicles for movies, celebrities and brands. Formerly 'Dream Machines' on Syfy Channel.
  • : Rick Thomas
  • : 310-595-5800
  • :
  • : 10 Episodes on History Channel March 2017
  • : Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Gadgets, Products for Adults/Males 18-49
  • : Shoots now/posts through end of February 2017
  • : Parker Brothers Concepts

Beyond America

  • : Yacine and Hamza lead a tedious life in their village. Yet Yacine nourishes the dream of becoming a storyteller. To his goats he narrates the tribulations of his favorite hero Ulysses. In spite of his age, 19 years old, Yacine has an awkward handicap: his voice has still not acquired the viril sound appropriate to his age. Hamza, his friend and sort of advisor does his best to help him but his pragmatic and opportunistic character does not always meet with Yacine's aspirations. Their little lives take a new turn the day they find their boss Ali's motorcycle: a ticket sent by Providence to travel to Marrakech and meet the greatest storyteller of the country: Baba Kan. Off they go! In Marrakech they meet Hlima an old and extrovert lady and Asmae who warmly welcome them: Yacine's initiation leads him to learn what lies beneath the art of origins.
  • : Najat Jellab
  • : 514 830 1042
  • :
  • : Victoria Films
  • : motorcycle, harmonica, luxury cars.
  • : Honda, Hering, Lee Oskar, Bushman, Suzuki and Seydel. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, or any brand that is not scared of comedy and would benefit from a parodic billboard.
  • : Spring 2017
  • : car, auto, Honda, Hering, Lee Oskar, Bushman, Suzuki and Seydel. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW,
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Fiber Optic

  • : The call home
  • : Daphne Hayes
  • : 404-652-9077
  • :
  • : AT & T commercial nationwide
  • : I need I phone, I pad, childrens book (colorful), wine, and finger foods
  • : Apple
  • : 6/20/2016
  • : Commercial. At&T , I need children book and prop food for dinner party finger food and wine
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