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Our production is shooting in Canada, we need US branded items for the following.

Canned Food and Shelf Stable Foods, Toothpaste/Hygiene Items, Medical-Band-Aids/Gauze, Survivalist Books/Manuals, Camping/Outdoors Clothing & Equipment.- After a tragic event that claims the life of her husband and son, EDEE HOLZER (main character) retreats from society and moves to the wilderness in Wyoming to live off the land. She brings a 6 month supply of some dried goods and canned goods (shelf stable foods) to sustain her as well as hygiene items, camping clothing/equipment and a plethora of survival guides, books and manuals so she can learn how to live alone in the wilderness. She looses some food due to a bear going through her kitchen and store house, eventually runs out of food and almost starves. A neighbour, MIGUEL, eventually nurtures her to health and starts bringing her regular provisions. 

As Miguel and Edee become friends they share a bonding moment over a Root Beer.

In a flashback scene, Edee is in her upscale Chicago apartment post-tragedy and she is depressed wondering what she has to live for. Her kitchen shows signs of her mental state with food wrappers laying around, spoiled food and spills on the counter. 

Cleared Advertising: Exterior Small Town Storefronts (Hardware Store, Grocery, Pharmacy, Diner, Sporting Goods Store, Hospital)

As Edee prepares for life in the wilderness she stocks up with provisions in the nearest small town (Wyoming). We see the exterior small town main street (need window dressing) and interior of the Sporting Goods Store and Diner. 

Later in the script Edee visits Miguel in the Hospital as he is dying of cancer. 

  • : EDEE HOLZER (Robin Wright) is a cosmopolitan lawyer consumed by grief. With advice from online survivalists, she moves to the most unpopulated area in the U.S., living in a cabin in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. There, she must learn to hunt, fish and grow her food as she faces brutal winters, a challenging landscape and local wildlife that could kill her at any moment. In crossing paths with Joseph, a First Nations local, Edee begins to confront her demons.
  • : Danielle
  • : 4036078553
  • : production
  • : Big Beach/ Focus Features
  • : Products: Canned Food and Shelf Stable Foods, Root Beer, Toothpaste/Hygiene Items, Medical-Band-Aids/Gauze, Survivalist Books/Manuals, Camping/Outdoors Clothing & Equipment. Cleared Advertising: Exterior Small Town Storefronts (Hardware Store, Grocery, Pharmacy, Diner, Sporting Goods Store, Hospital
  • : Bush's Beans, Hormel Chili, Wolf Brand Chili, Polysporin, Stewart's Root Beer, Mugs Root Beer, Zesto Root Beer, Band-Aid, Colgate, Crest, Arm & Hammer, Campbells, Heinz Beans, Total Outdoorsman, Oral B,
  • : Cabin in the Woods (canned goods, books/manuals): September 3, 2019 Cabin in the Woods (fresh food/groceries): September 5, 2019 Cabin in the Woods (Root Beer): September 24, 2019 Cleared Graphics/Artwork for Storefronts and Interiors in Small Town: September 24, 2019 Upper middle class Chicago Apartment: September 30, 2019 Cabin in the woods (Hygiene & Medical): October 14, 2019
  • : The film is a drama, starring and directed by Golden Globe winner, Robin Wright (House of Cards, Forrest Gump, Wonder Woman).
  • : Canned Beans, Root Beer, Band-Aid, Total Outdoorsman, Survivalist, Toothpaste, Baking Soda, Camping Gear, Fishing Rod
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The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix

Production Shoots – 09/30 

Starring Chadwick Boseman – Tarji P. Henson

Writers – Gerard Brown – Chris Perkins 

Distribution – Netflix

Episodes 13+ 

Guest Star Appearances – A list actors – Starts with an OWN 

If you are interested we will love to give you more information. 

And have your product apart of our TV Show series. 


  • : An afican american family set based in 1926 escapes their plantation and ends in the year 2020
  • : Chris
  • : 4808491939
  • :
  • : production
  • : Netflix
  • : Watches,Apparel,Beverages,Cameras&film,computers,delivery,jewelry,transportation,travel,retail stores,entertainment,appliances
  • : dhl,fedex,Arm&hammer,coca-cola,Chevy,ford,Liquor companies,Candy Brands,benz, lancaster,,levis,resturants,mcdonalds,white castle,
  • : 09/30
  • : Taraji P. Henson (Empire). Gerard Brown (Juice), Chadwick Boseman (The Black Panther)
  • : dhl,fedex,Arm&hammer,coca-cola,Chevy,ford,Liquor companies,Candy Brands,benz, lancaster,,levis,resturants,mcdonalds,white castle,
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The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix

Sponsorship Opportunity 

The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix and FOX distribution 

Starring Chadwick Boseman (The Black Panther) Taraji P. Henson – 

Production Shoots – 09-30-2019

Writers – Gerard Brown (Writer of Juice) and Chris Perkins

–  Twisted plot 

– High range of audience 

please contact us for more information or if you are interested 

  • : An afican american family set based in 1926 escapes their plantation and ends in the year 2020
  • : CP Production Studios -Chris - President (Please ask to speak)
  • : 4808491939
  • :
  • : production
  • : Netflix - FOX
  • : Cars, Arm & Hammer =, Old fashion products, house products, clothing,
  • : Cars old school and new =, Old fashion Production, Cooking products,more
  • : 09/30
  • : Taraji P. Henson. Gerard Brown, Chadwick Boseman
  • : Sponsorship,
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The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix

1 -6 scenes take place on the plantation then transferred into modern world 7 – 20 

Rough clothing – 

Old houseware and cooking products 

Old cars or carriages

New cars 

new housewares



cars that look futuristic built 

and many more if you think your product will be perfect for our tv show please contact me.


  • : An afican american family set based in 1926 escapes their plantation and ends in the year 2020
  • : Chris - President CP Production Studios
  • : 4808491939
  • :
  • : production
  • : Netflix
  • : Cars, Arm & Hammer =, Old fashion products, house products, clothing,
  • : Cars old school and new =, Old fashion Production, Cooking products
  • : 09/30
  • : Taraji P. Henson. Gerard Brown, Chadwick Boseman
  • : Car, cooking, equipment, products, clothes, clothing, furniture
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The projected budget of $40 million is due to a focus on authenticity and accuracy, set construction of an Iraqi village, a forward operating base, a number of supporting roles, and visual effects.  The majority of the budget will be spent on talent, because this is a military drama, it requires spot-on acting performances.

Box Office Comparison of Successful Films in the Same or Similar Genre

(War, Drama)



Worldwide Gross






American Sniper




Hack Saw Ridge




Lone Survivor




  • : Inspired by true events of the 2004 attack on an American forward operating base in Mosul, Iraq, and written by a 4-time deployed combat soldier. Marez is a war drama about Captain Ryan Pierce, a battle-hardened soldier who deploys to avenge the death of his daughter who was killed in the attack only to find himself facing a second battle with a senior ISIS commander, Abu Abdullah al-Shafi’i.
  • : Michael G Olsen
  • : 3345209597
  • :
  • : production
  • : Lou Pizarro
  • : Soft drinks, Alcohol, Clothing, Military, Cars
  • : Coca-Cola, Chevy
  • : September 8, 2019
  • : Max Martini, Dennis Haysbert
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Black and Latino Film Awards

The Black and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition is excited to present the Black and Latino Film Awards on July 21, 2019 at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City. The Black and Latino Film Awards is a gala started to acknowledge and honor some of the best indie films and performances. Last years award winners include Chadwick Boseman, Reginald Hudlin and Jamal Joseph. This is year’s nominees include Spike Lee and Lupita Nyong’o. Awards are given in the following categories: Life Time Achievement, Performance, Director, Writer, Producer, Non Fiction and Episodic.

The Black and Latino Film Awards will be attended by 250 of indie film elite writers, directors, producer and actors with a combined social media reach of 10million. The Film Awards will edited into a 2 hour long television and distributed by Amazon Prime in 4 countries.

As a sponsor your brand, image and logo will be front and center at all of the following:

PRE SHOW July 1 – July 19, 2019

  • Social Media Promotions, Email Campaign, Podcasts

SHOW TIME July 20, 2019 6pm

  • Black and Latino Film Awards. Red Carpet Gala full of  VIP and Celebrities filmed for broadcast on Amazon.

PRIME TIME August 25, 2019 8pm

  • Black and Latino Film Awards premieres worldwide on Amazon Prime.

ON DEMAND August  2019 – February 2020

  • Black and Latino Film Awards is available to be watched on any Amazon platform.

    Contact or call 347-6887592

  • : Indie Films Biggest Night. Annual Gala for Black and Latino FIlmmaker's Coaltion
  • : Babatunde Odesanya
  • : 347 688 7592
  • :
  • : production
  • : Amazon Prime
  • : Alcohol, Food,. promotional items
  • : July 20, 2019
  • : Spike Lee, Stefen Bristo, .Lupita Nyong'o,
  • : alochol, liquor, food, promotional, giveaways
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Snake River

Hello Erma Members,

My name is Bobby Field and I’m the Writer / Director of the scripted television series that I’m making with the help of Scott Buck (lead writer and show runner of Dexter, Six Feet Under, Iron Fist and many other of my favorite shows). The 1/2 hour pilot episode is being produced independently, then we’re presenting it to all of the major platforms (HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon etc) in order to choose the right home for the series. 
We’ve cast some high profile rock musicians in some of the cameo roles (Joe Elliott – Singer from Def Leppard, Eddie Ojeda – Guitarist of Twisted Sister, Roy Mayorga – Drum of Stone Sour, Bonnie Piesse – Aunt Buru from Star Wars etc), and will be casting the lead roles with well known actors in the near future.
First and foremost, we will be using product placement / sponsorship to help fund the pilot episode. Would your company, or any of the companies on your client list would benefit from advertising to the millions of fans in the Rock & Roll community… with the help of some extremely popular rock musicians? If so, let’s discuss!
In addition, we will also be doing an extensively advertised social media campaign leading up to (and after) the filming of the pilot; where we can further integrate the sponsors and products. The social media campaign will also include participation from the Snake River Rock Musicians (over 25 million FaceBook followers alone), Actors and our partnered suicide prevention charity SAVE. 
If you think some of your companies would like to help with consumer product donations for our sets, we’re currently shooting suicide prevention awareness videos for the social media campaign. Any products donated would be greatly appreciated! 
Below is a link and password to of one of the suicide prevention awareness videos. Please excuse the colorful language… it can be beeped before it airs. 
Snake River Suicide Prevention Video – Social Media:
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss. You can also request the Snake River Product Placement Deck / Look Book, which we would be happy to email to you.   
Bobby Field 
Writer/Director, Snake River
213 804 7508
  • : SNAKE RIVER is a Rock & Roll drama series about the unlikely rise of Luke Weaver, a middle- aged depressive whose talent for self-sabotage is second only to his ability to make great music.
  • : Bobby Field
  • : 213 804 7508
  • :
  • : TBD
  • : Alcohol, Cars, Musical Instruments and Equipment, Clothes, Shoes, Mountain Gear,
  • : Joe Elliot - Singer of Def Leppard, Eddie Ojeda - Guitarist of Twisted Sister, Roy Mayorga - Drummer of Stone Sour, Sin Quirin - Guitarist of Ministry, Jason Christopher - Bassist of Prong, Anthony "Tiny" Biuso - Drummer of TSOL, Bonnie Piesse - Aunt Buru in Star Wars. The lead, celebrity actors will be cast later this year; closer to the filming of the pilot.

Legend of Twa

This film is a science fiction, fantasy based. the budget the film is 200 Million dollars and will be distributed by Lionsgate international and domestic. Staring Jaden Smith son of Will smith and Jada Pickett aka Smith. We are looking for cars and food that would be consumed by the people visting the forest trying to take the land from the orginal people. Travel Gear is needed as well.

  • : The Legend of Twa is about a unknown world that was discovered, filled with human like creatures. Fights to conquer their land back from the king who tries to take over.
  • : CP Production Studios
  • : 4808491939
  • :
  • : Lionsgate
  • : Water, cars, drinks, Food for travel
  • : Merceds, Lexus, Doritos, Pepsi, Coca-Cola
  • : 09/14/2019
  • : Jaden Smith
  • : Mercedes,Lexus,Doritos,Food, Pepsi, Drinks, Water, Coca Cola, Travel Gear,
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The film takes place in the 50s it’s a science fiction film related to sandlots, the goonies and E.T.  We have lots of scenes that could be filled with tons of product placement. The creature/ alien that interacts with alien. I will need product placement for when the alien scrolls through different tv stations and I need product placement through out the home – we have a shower scene – kitchen scene multiple – multiple school scenes and kids wearing backpacks and using equipment. I would need a car that most likely to take place with a middle class family in the 50’s 

  • : Three boys go into the forest and discover a creature, they develop a connection with this creature only to find out that he came back to earth for something he left behind.
  • : CP Production Studios
  • : 4808491939
  • :
  • : Lionsgate
  • : cooking products, phones, baseball, backpacks, school equipment, shoes kids, baseball hats, clothing that would most likely look like the 50s, glasses,cars
  • : Unknown
  • : 05/12/2019
  • : Toby Nicholes lucas films ghost, Jake dylan grazer from it, Jennifer Lawerence
  • : Ralphie, Car, Cooking, Kitchen , School, Backpacks, Home,
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Promising Young Woman

Directed, written, and produced by Emerald Fennell (showrunner, “Killing Eve” Season 2) – For more information please see the following Press Release:

We’re dressing the following sets that need product:
  • Heavily featured Coffee Shop where the lead character (Cassie) works 
  • Her family home in the midwest suburbs (where she still lives with her mother/father)
  • An ex-lawyer’s house (also suburban)
  • 2 nightclubs/bars
  • 3 male apartments (one hipster, one bachelor pad, and one for a young doctor [Ryan] who is also the main love interest)
  • Doctor’s office
  • A small diner & pharmacy for a cute dating montage between the male and female leads.
  • : A wickedly subversive, provocative thriller about a young woman haunted by a tragedy in her past who begins exacting her own particular brand of revenge on the predatory men unlucky enough to cross her path
  • : Dan Tiffany
  • : 3525144166
  • :
  • : Distributor: Focus Features, Produced by: LuckChap ("I,Tonya") & FilmNation
  • : -Any liquor, beer, wine, champagne: product and signage and empty boxes or bottles (mostly for bar or club scenes), including branded fridges and dispensers -Signage for street dressing (for example, there's some rolling paper company that promos paper dressing and advertising signs) -Any food items to dress apartments -Any retail displays, as we have a pharmacy/lunch counter location -Any home kitchen appliances -Maybe a coffee or coffee-adjacent brand? But not a coffee shop chain like Coffee Beanery- just the product for the coffee shop -Lots of makeup, hair products, hairstyling tools or makeup bags or brushes for Cassie -Any clothes or bags or suitcases for Cassie's bedroom dressing -Espresso machine and commercial coffee grinder (Coffee Shop) -Tap handles (Bars) -Retro-style record player and headphones (apartment) -Computers, TVs, or stereos (apartments) -Furniture/fancy office chairs -Expensive housewares (for Ryan's apartment) -Any medical or hospital-related brands -Luggage -High-end games and toys for adults (Razr, Segway, video games, Sharper Image stuff) -Energy drink or soda product, retails displays, branded fridges and dispensers
  • : By 3/22 at the latest - shooting starts on 3/25
  • : Carey Mulligan
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