Cleared various liquor / snack brands – bottles, posters, signs to dress a bar set

Electronics, musical instruments to dress bar stage set

Men & Women beauty products to dress house bathrooms

Baby accessories to dress house with present of baby in home

Surfboard to dress male bedroom

Household goods and cleaning products to dress kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms

Tools – basic household tools to dress scene where characters trying to fix something at home

  • : A bi-lingual (Spanish) romantic comedy about family - the one you choose and the one you’re born into. Set in Los Angeles. Sara has been the matriarch of her chosen family since her parents moved back to Mexico City in her late teens. She and her diverse group of friends and family attempt to master their careers and romantic entanglements while living together in Sara’s Hollywood Hills compound. Now, Sara’s mother, Ines, is moving back in and shedding a new light on the life Sara built for herself, pushing everyone towards a late-in-life coming of age. 
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  • : AMAZON
  • : - Video games, comics, game consoles, gaming promotional materials - Electronics, musical instruments - Board games - High end wines, liquors, beer, snacks - Tools - Surfboard - Household goods, cleaning products - Promotional beer / liquor signs, posters - Women's bath products: make up, hair, face products - Men's bath products - Toys, kid stuff - Baby accessories - Backpacks, school supplies
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  • : In Hands - Nov 12-19 ; Wrapped Dec 4
  • : Baby, Toys, video games, make up, make-up, beauty, bathroom, cleaning, hair, kid, board games, musical instruments, guitar, drums, mic stand,