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Da Office

The show is in a call center. Good promotional opportunities would be either beverage or snack brands. There is one scene where a character loudly opens a bag of chips during a meeting.


There is also an opportunity for an alcoholic beverage because there is a scene where they toast to a new promotion.

  • : Da Office follows Mercedes as she tries to move from the call center to a managerial position. Her pursuit is put in jeopardy by the antics of her best friend and co-worker, Tamika.
  • : Arnetta Randall
  • : 7734267188
  • : Arnetta@randallproductions.net
  • : production
  • : Amazon
  • : Beverages and snacks
  • : Pepsi, Luc Belaire. Clif
  • : 4/20-4/21
  • : Comedians King Keraun, Pretty Vee and Just Nesh
  • : ford, lays,
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We film inside of a police department and use real police cars.  We have access to a gym and often times in our briefing room we have drinks and food on camera.  We are willing to call products by name.  We are outfitting a 2015 Ford Explorer as well for the production.

  • : AGPD is a faux documentary series following a fictional Southern California Police Department. We will take a raw and authentic and comedic look at law enforcement in a troubled Southern California City.
  • : Dan Vermette
  • : 7602088338
  • : dan@agpdonline.com
  • : Law enforcement, food or drink, clothing, gym and exercise, cars
  • : Sept 8th, 2018
  • : Eva Rickert, Ben Butler, Corban Baker, Charles Curtice
  • : Ford, Police, Law enforcement, sheriff, food, drink, gym, exercise, Youtube, community, service, safety, protection
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Pick & Flip on Facebook Watch

  • : An automotive docu-series of car buying, fixing & flipping awesome cars -- featuring live, online bidding!
  • : Peter D. Coogan
  • : +1-310-264-0028 x211 yet email always works best
  • : Peter.Coogan@EurekaGroup.tv
  • : Facebook.com/watch/
  • : Car stereos, AV, smart-car tablet, GPS, rear-seat TV, gadgets. Auto parts, tires, wheels, Car paint. Car tools. Hand tools. Master mechanic tools. Power tools.
  • : Samsung. Alpine. JVC. Sony. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep. AC Delco.
  • : Monday 21 May 2018 - July 2018.
  • : Auto parts, tires, wheels, paint. Cars, trucks, RVs. Car garage tools. Car tools. Hand tools. Master mechanic tools. Power tools. Air tools. Custom-car parts, paints. Paint-spray gun. Truck trailer, car trailer, tow truck, tow-truck services, trucking services. Workshop tools. Welder. Compressor. Generator. Work lights. Smart-car electronics, high-tech car gadgets, GPS, HiFi, AV, AC. Heavy equipment: fork lift, lift truck, scissor lift, telehandler, crane, loader. Mens toys. Mens luxuries. Bad-boy gear. Motorcycles, motorcyle helmets, motorcycle leathers.
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Starship Gemini

  • : A modern day crew on a derelict vessel, journeying through the stars.
  • : Kevin
  • : 5038847827
  • : kevin@eolaentertainment.com
  • : TVTiBi, with several others in the works
  • : Technology, clothing, military gear, survival gear, food, and more
  • : September 2017
  • : Technology, Science Fiction, Future, Space, Exploration
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The Duel

  • : A Brand New Reality TV Competition Series
  • : Daniel Storoz
  • : 4126093971
  • : theduelproduction@aol.com
  • : TBD
  • : Foods, Beverages, Clothes, Electronics
  • : Outback Steakhouse, Subway, McDonald's, Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola,Puma
  • : May 1st , 2017
  • : TV Series, Reality, food, drinks, beverages, clothing, coca cola, entertainment, electronics
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