We film inside of a police department and use real police cars.  We have access to a gym and often times in our briefing room we have drinks and food on camera.  We are willing to call products by name.  We are outfitting a 2015 Ford Explorer as well for the production.

  • : AGPD is a faux documentary series following a fictional Southern California Police Department. We will take a raw and authentic and comedic look at law enforcement in a troubled Southern California City.
  • : Dan Vermette
  • : 7602088338
  • : dan@agpdonline.com
  • : Law enforcement, food or drink, clothing, gym and exercise, cars
  • : Sept 8th, 2018
  • : Eva Rickert, Ben Butler, Corban Baker, Charles Curtice
  • : Ford, Police, Law enforcement, sheriff, food, drink, gym, exercise, Youtube, community, service, safety, protection