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Evidence of Things Seen

  • : Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. a teenage boy begins to question God and a priest begins to question his faith.
  • : Tanisha Coffey
  • : 4045794168
  • :
  • : TBD: Following a film festival run, the movie, along with a teaching guide, will be licensed to schools / libraries and youth-focused organizations to be used as a teaching tool. If we can obtain a title sponsor, we will also plan on hosting an event related to the film on the 50th anniversary of MLK, Jr.'s assassination, which is coming up in 2018.
  • : 1960s era candy, cereal, vegetable, snack food, fast food, apparel, car, airline, magazine products and services, especially those that were popular or based in Atlanta, GA, that still exist today
  • : CBS, Delta Airlines, Chevrolet, Ford, Chick-Fil-A, Macy’s, Kellogg’s, Lay’s, Campbell’s Soup, Heinz, General Mills Cereals. Kit Kat, Hostess, Ritz Crackers, Fritos, Pringles, Carnation Instant Milk, Tootsie Rolls, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Oreos, McDonald’s, A & W Root Beer, A W Rootbeer, Tang, Star Kist Tuna, Fireball’s candy, Wrigley’s Double mint gum, Burger King, Doritos, Cracker Jack’s, Better, Nestle, Jello. Snickers, Nutella, Kraft, Coffemate, Cool Whip, Gatorade, Quaker, Lucky Charms, Kentucky fried chicken, Delmonte, Swiss Miss cocoa Musselman, Duncan hines, Planters, Dinty Moore, Premium Saltine Crackers, Northern Paper Towels, Life Savers, Green Giant, Miracle Whip, Skippy, Post, Good & Plenty, Aunt Jemima, Nabisco, Mazola, Chef Boyardee, Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix, Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, Slim Jim, Little Debbie, Swiss Cake Rolls and Nutty Bars® Wafer Bars, Gerber, Krispy’s Saltine Crackers, Hunt’s, Uncle Ben’s, Lorna Doone, Log Cabin, Chicken Of The Sea Tuna
  • : March 10, 2017
  • : Vintage, candy, car, magazine, snack foods, snacks, 1960s, travel, faith, African American, Little Debbie, Oreos, Hunt’s, Heinz, Planters, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Doritos, Bettermade, Lays, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pringle’s, Swiss Miss, Van Camp’s, Wesson, Libby’s, Delta, Chick Fil-A, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Hostess, Nutella, signage, crafty, craft services, Kraft, Nabisco, Little Debbie, sponsorships, promotional events, film, props, American Airlines, McDonald’s, Ford, Chevrolet, signage, branded integration
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One Eye Open

  • : One Eye Open is a highly stylized, dark and smoky, noir-inspired film about the strength of female friendship and revenge. When Lola’s best friend and dancing partner Angel doesn’t show up for their performance, Lola sets out to find her missing friend. Upon discovering that Angel’s been hurt by her boyfriend Jimmy, Lola and the rest of their dancer girl gang enact their revenge.
  • : Lola Blanc
  • : 8185727786
  • :
  • : Cosmetics, hair products, lingerie, beverages, high-fashion women's clothing and shoes
  • : Make Up For Ever
  • : 12-15-16
  • : Makeup, lipstick, hairspray, shoes, heels, high heels, vapes, brandy, energy drinks, water, juice, jewelry, weapons
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  • : Narrative feature film about the journey of a young man healing from a childhood of sexual abuse
  • : Gustavo Letelier
  • : 56 2 2638 3542
  • :
  • : to be determined
  • : cellphones, beer, bikes, athletic shoes, computer, t-shirts
  • : Samsung, LG, New Glarus, Hill Farmstead Brewery, 3 Fonteinen, Hill Farmstead, Colnago, Parlee, Trek, Nike, Crossfit, Dell, HP
  • : january 2017
  • : childabuse, latino, car, renaut
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