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The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix

Sponsorship Opportunity 

The Black Child – TV Show – Netflix and FOX distribution 

Starring Chadwick Boseman (The Black Panther) Taraji P. Henson – 

Production Shoots – 09-30-2019

Writers – Gerard Brown (Writer of Juice) and Chris Perkins

–  Twisted plot 

– High range of audience 

please contact us for more information or if you are interested 

  • : An afican american family set based in 1926 escapes their plantation and ends in the year 2020
  • : CP Production Studios -Chris - President (Please ask to speak)
  • : 4808491939
  • : dcmovieexperts@gmail.com
  • : production
  • : Netflix - FOX
  • : Cars, Arm & Hammer =, Old fashion products, house products, clothing,
  • : Cars old school and new =, Old fashion Production, Cooking products,more
  • : 09/30
  • : Taraji P. Henson. Gerard Brown, Chadwick Boseman
  • : Sponsorship,
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Black and Latino Film Awards

The Black and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition is excited to present the Black and Latino Film Awards on July 21, 2019 at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City. The Black and Latino Film Awards is a gala started to acknowledge and honor some of the best indie films and performances. Last years award winners include Chadwick Boseman, Reginald Hudlin and Jamal Joseph. This is year’s nominees include Spike Lee and Lupita Nyong’o. Awards are given in the following categories: Life Time Achievement, Performance, Director, Writer, Producer, Non Fiction and Episodic.

The Black and Latino Film Awards will be attended by 250 of indie film elite writers, directors, producer and actors with a combined social media reach of 10million. The Film Awards will edited into a 2 hour long television and distributed by Amazon Prime in 4 countries.

As a sponsor your brand, image and logo will be front and center at all of the following:

PRE SHOW July 1 – July 19, 2019

  • Social Media Promotions, Email Campaign, Podcasts

SHOW TIME July 20, 2019 6pm

  • Black and Latino Film Awards. Red Carpet Gala full of  VIP and Celebrities filmed for broadcast on Amazon.

PRIME TIME August 25, 2019 8pm

  • Black and Latino Film Awards premieres worldwide on Amazon Prime.

ON DEMAND August  2019 – February 2020

  • Black and Latino Film Awards is available to be watched on any Amazon platform.

    Contact filmawards@blackandlatinofilm.com or call 347-6887592

  • : Indie Films Biggest Night. Annual Gala for Black and Latino FIlmmaker's Coaltion
  • : Babatunde Odesanya
  • : 347 688 7592
  • : filmawards@blackandlatinofilm.com
  • : production
  • : Amazon Prime
  • : Alcohol, Food,. promotional items
  • : July 20, 2019
  • : Spike Lee, Stefen Bristo, .Lupita Nyong'o,
  • : alochol, liquor, food, promotional, giveaways
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Laugh After Dark

Laugh After Dark is a late-night and digital broadcast stand-up series that features talented comics from around the world at our Los Angeles Studio Soundstage. Our audience and target demographic consists of viewers aged 13-55, with the largest segment being 21-38 tech savvy, social media users who are brand loyal and vocally expressive about the brands they like and love.


Our live shows are professionally produced and distributed on-air both digitally and through traditional broadcast across the country. Audio productions are also available for sponsorship on all podcast and comedy radio outlets and platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.


We are seeking production partners to be a part of both the live experience and the digital experiences on the various platforms such as Facebook Watch, IGTV, Amazon Prime and more!

  • : Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Series Hosted by Comedienne Luc Ashley
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 3173848985
  • : jm@urbngenius.com
  • : Amazon Prime/ Facebook Watch/ IGTV/ YouTube TV
  • : Alcohol; Beverages; Technology;
  • : any
  • : 9/28/2018
  • : Luc Ashley; Michael Longfellow; Jeremy Gumbo Christian
  • : car, auto , alcohol, beverage, technology, sports, lifestyle, home, family, california, clothing, fashion
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Tyson’s Run

This is a wholesome show about family. We are building a sneaker store and performing a marathon.

  • : Tysons Run is an extraoidinary story who overcomes circumstances which leads to his family healing and renewed lease on love and life
  • : Daphne Hayes
  • : 4049197335
  • : daphne@reelgirlfilms.com
  • : Netflix
  • : Athletic shoes, sneakers, commercial banners, Science related, food, wine, liquor, sports(football), running marathon
  • : Nike, Asics, Adidas, Puma, sneakers
  • : Monday, July 9, 2018 +
  • : amy smart, rory cochrane

Dirty South House Arrest

  • : A college kid breaks the law and is sentenced to house arrest and he decides to throw a house party while his mother is away.
  • : Daphne Hayes
  • : 404-652-9077
  • : reelgirlfilms@gmail.com
  • : screening
  • : swag bags items and partners and sponsors, all donations welcome
  • : January 6, 2017
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Golden Boy Promotions ‘ESPN Live Fight Night’ Series

  • : Beginning January/2017 Golden Boy Promotions starts a Thursday/Friday night boxing series with 18 broadcasts throughout the year.
  • : Rick Thomas
  • : 310-595-5800
  • : rick@mediarichmarketing.com
  • : ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Latin America, Asia Pacific, Brazil, UK, India and ESPN Digital
  • : Any products looking to reach Men 18 to 49 year of age including Hispanics.
  • : Broadcast premieres January 2017
  • : Golden Boy Promotions
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Wit’s End

  • : When a woman tries to celebrate her anniversary with her fiancé, things take a turn when his mother unexpectedly shows up at their door.
  • : Jonathan Bowens
  • : (954) 673-1321
  • : jonathan@QloudySunshine.com
  • : Lingerie, Lingerie Kimono, Wine, Purse.
  • : Victoria Secret
  • : 11/19/2016
  • : Lingerie, Kimono, Wine, Purse
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Who’s Your Doggie?

  • : Who Owns Who? A reality TV show based on the doggie daycare Who's Your Doggie, LLC. in Milford, CT. Melissa and Richie Marter, owners, and their eclectic staff/family take on the demands of the crazy owners of the dogs who come in.
  • : Heather Rose
  • : 7029945064
  • : adiluziodeluxe@gmail.com
  • : FidoTV, Las Vegas TV Network
  • : dog toys, dog essentials, dog lover lifestyle, dog food, cleaning materials, home repair, vehicles, clothing
  • : any
  • : asap
  • : dog, puppy, car, toys
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