“The Ice Road” is . feature film shooting in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are looking for clearance to feature Cheerios. We are also looking to clear certain outdoor clothing brands and industrial equipment/tractor brands. 

  • : A Northern Manitoba Dimond mine collapses, and the life saving equipment needed to rescue the trapped miners can only be delivered by semi trucks on Manitoba Ice roads. However, it's late in the season and the roads are dangerous, so they send three trucks that are each individually equipped to complete the rescue mission in the event that one of the trucks falls into the lake, either of the other trucks would be able to successfully finish the mission. Eventually we find out that the Mining Executive have been mishandling the safety of the mine and there is a covert mission to burry the evidence by sabotaging the rescue mission. But of course our heroes manage to complete the mission against all odds and it's a happy ending
  • : Nick
  • : 2045887348
  • : iceroadclearances@gmail.com
  • : production
  • : Cheerios, Caterpillar/CAT,
  • : General Mills
  • : Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishbourne