e Girl: My Red Neck Neighbor synopsis
After winning big in the Ultra Wrestling League during her previous Hollywood
pursuit, Rice Girl “CAT” upgrades from renting one of Rahbu’s, hotel rooms to renting
his new house in the Hollywood Hills, to start a food and branding business. But,
unbeknownst to her, Rahbu sends his new “Duck Dynasty” tenants, Dirk and Hulk to
pitch their tents and set up “SHOP” his abandoned lot next to her house.
However, things just don’t seem to be going her way. From their loud drumming
and howling throughout the day lasting into the night, to disrespecting her famous
Hunan Chicken Soup, Dirk and Hulk, constantly find ways to annoy her. She’s just
about had enough when she discovers the dynamic duo has eaten her pet chicken, it’s
clan war! The General, Dirks’ father, tries hard to win his son back from his prodigal
ways. Dirk and Hulk just keep digging under her skin as they attempt to force her to
vacate her home.
Eventually, the trio come to a stalemate as Dirk and Hulk, with the help of
Mayday, attempt to draw Cat out. They send in GERBO, the spy. Cat ultimately catches
the cute little gerbil and threatens to cook and eat the little critter unless they vacate the
land. Now head to head with each other something must be done to end this madness.
Rahbu and Uncle Shumai have it all figured out, the dueling Trio must enter and
win the “Red Neck Games.” Whomever wins will get the others signed lease and the
loser must vacate the property. The trio must compete in 5 different popular Redneck
games, i.e. Bobbing for Pig’s Feet, Armpit Fart Noise, Country Style Jamboree music,
Hot Chili pepper eating contest, Old tires Bowling game, Whack the real Mole contest.
Who’ll win, well your guess is just as good as mine.
  • : the Rice Girl clan, crazy Asians move to a Hollywood Hillside home and finds themselves entangled in ridiculous feuds with the Redneck Neighbors.
  • : Cat Ling
  • : 8186539879
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  • : production
  • : Leomark Studios, Amazon, California Pictures, Itunes, etc.
  • : automobiles, beer,food,wine,pet products,tools,beverages,household goods,sporting goods, firearms,camping gears,gardening,fishing,home,decor,diy,toys,fishing,diy,mechanical tools,
  • : All brands
  • : mid March
  • : Eric Roberts, Keith Jardin, Kevin Sorbo, Martin Kove, Courtney Gains, Joe Estevez
  • : auto,car,jeep,suv,van,truck,off road,camping,food,beverage,beer,wine,duck,dynasty,asians,mandarin,asia,chinese,gold,fish,pets,gerbils,fish,redneck,games,beer,garage,tools,gardening,toys,cosmetics,clothing,fashion,western,firearm,faith,outdoor,tires,home, improvement,music,toys,mechanics,computer,tv,monitors,building,patio,lighting,lawn,signs,hunting,equipment