Our main character Brandon (Eric Bellinger) is a struggling musician. He plays the piano and guitar. We have a few scenes of him playing the guitar and being in the studio so headphones, speakers, laptops would be key for these scenes. He also loves Coca Cola/Pepsi and he uses it to stay awake for his writing sessions. 

There’s a music showcase scene at the end of the film which would be perfect to showcase alcoholic beverages as the staff serves drinks in between each act.


Ne-Yo needs a nice car to chauffer his character to the showcase scene. Would be a good opportunity to show the emblem of the car as he gets out of it for the pivotal scene in the film. 

We have an opportunity for airlines to be featured in the film as the couple comes back from Vegas to deal with the fallout of their decision.


also Patti Labelle would need transportation from Philadelphia to LA where we would shoot the film. 

  • : Two best friends made a pact in college to get married to each other by 30 if they’re not already married. After a drunken night in Las Vegas they end up married to each other. Does the relationship last or do they break up.
  • : Robert Butler
  • : 2482199164
  • : Rbutler@easybreezyprod.com
  • : production
  • : Maverick Entertainment
  • : Laptops, cellphones, juice, clothes, sound speakers, guitars
  • : Apple, Coca Cola, Dell, Sony,
  • : January 2023
  • : Ne-Yo, Kym Whitley, Eric Bellinger, Tyler Kay Whitley, Patti Labelle