Splinter Shoot Scheduled for May 23-29, 2022 (Blue screen set)

Principal Photography scheduled: July 6-Aug 10, 2022

Location: Savannah, GA

This is a family-friendly comedy that has opportunities for brand placements and brand integration.

Distribution: National Theatrical Distribution (w P&A)

Key Scenes for Product Placements/integration:

Interior kitchen & home scenes: set decoration and food products

Family BBQ scene: Meat/food brands, grilling equipment,

Outdoor Sports scene: Basketball gear and sports equipment

Driving Scene: Car brands

Craft Services for cast and crew (snacks, food, meals, drinks, etc)





  • : Overachieving lawyer, doctor, architect, nonunion plumber, and food delivery driver Taylor receives divine inspiration to become a writer. The battle begins between good and evil as the Devil does everything to stop God’s plan.
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 317-384-8985
  • : nacmfilm@gmail.com
  • : production
  • : AMC Theaters/Unnamed Streaming Platform
  • : apparel, food, drinks, kitchen items, homegoods, BBQ related, chainsaw , furniture
  • : Open to all brands. Harley Davidson, Airlines,
  • : May 27, July 6-Aug 10, 2022
  • : Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Jamie Foxx, Raphael Saadiq, Luc Ashley, Ron G
  • : Comedy, Feature film, car, auto, foods, drinks, lifestyle brands