“Peek-A-Boo” is a Lifetime-style thriller about an adopted baby whose violent biological parents come back to get her while she is in the care of the nanny. (Please contact us for a treatment.) We are offering fee-based and in-kind product placement specifically for:

Pizza (mentioned in the script / consumed by heroes)
Beer (mentioned in the script / consumed by heroes)
Cell phone (used by heroes)
Diaper Bag (used by female lead and supporting characters)
Stroller (used by female lead and baby)
High Chair (used by baby)
Soft Drinks (consumed by heroes)
Water (consumed by heroes)
Car (in driveway for airport pickup for  biological parents)
Baby food (eaten by baby)
Luggage (carried by female antagonist and biological parents)

We can fit a LOT of products into this film. If you have something that you think might work, shoot over an email and we will chat with you. We can also provide the treatment and script. More cast will be added the week of 9/23!

  • : A nanny and her friends protect a baby from her violent biological parents while the adoptive parents are away on vacation.
  • : Candice Cain
  • : 6316063456
  • : Production@Gemellifilm.com
  • : production
  • : Guaranteed at least on Amazon Prime Video
  • : Pizza, Beer, Snacks, Clothes, Baby products, soda, water
  • : Totally open!
  • : 10/21/19
  • : Stink Fisher, Andrew Rogers, Ashley Brinkman
  • : baby, pregnant, pregnancy, pizza, beer, snacks, wardrobe