The majority of this film takes place at the Two Sisters Ranch & Inn in upstate, NY during the Christmas season. There is a lot of baking, cooking, cleaning and horseback riding. There is a train ride, when Ethan (Andrew Rogers) leaves NYC and takes the train upstate. We would LOVE to include Amtrak for that.


This is a Hallmark-style film that we know has guaranteed distribution on Amazon Prime. However, we are going to try to get broader distribution on a network and internationally.

  • : Two sisters find love on their ranch at Christmas.
  • : Candice Cain
  • : 631.606.3456
  • :
  • : production
  • : Guaranteed at least on Amazon Prime Video
  • : Baking/Cooking tools; wardrobe, snacks, water, soft drinks, email for info!
  • : Totally open! - Would LOVE Amtrak for our train ride
  • : 11/3/19
  • : Cody Calafiore, Stink Fisher, Alix Kermes, Ashley Brinkman, Andrew Rogers
  • : Christmas, Hallmark, wholesome, movie