We are currently seeking brands interested in product placement, sponsorship and brand integration for a fully financed family film, Dolphin Island. It is an opportunity to help Hurricane Dorian victims, while gaining positive brand awareness and high impact advertising/brand integration.


In early September, the Bahamas were hit by a massive category 5 hurricane, which took the lives of over a 100 people and another 75,000 without food, water or a home. We chose to shoot Dolphin Island in the Grand Bahama Island as a means to rebuild the local economy and make up for lost tourism. We are working with the local government agencies and received permission to bring goods and necessities without bureaucracy and import tax. The majority of the pictures budget is being spent locally in the Grand Bahama Island.


Dolphin Island is the second family film collaboration between Producer’s Shaked Berenson and Derek Lee Nixon. Berenson, has distributed over 120 films and two television series, including the family franchise Space Dogs. Nixon has produced 17 feature films and was the Producer on Dolphin Kick, which was released on all major platforms including Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish. The film is currently on Netflix, where it reached the top 10 streamed movie in North America on multiple dates. In total, the film reached millions of households in the United States and internationally, in over 38 countries including UK, France, Germany, Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, and China. We have already secured distribution for Dolphin Island, which will reach an even wider audience.


            We are currently adapting the script to the situation in the Bahamas, and have a window of opportunity to integrate brands and products into the story.


            Dolphin Island is an immensely exciting dolphin adventure with a powerful positive message. With your help, we can bring relief to people in desperate need, while gaining high-impact positive awareness for your brand. We are currently accepting proposals from brands interested in advertising with products and brand integration for cash and in-kind product contributions. We are committed to putting 100% of any funds raised or saved into the local economy.

Timeline for Dolphin Island:


November/December – Preproduction

January – Production

February/March – Post Production/Delivery

  • : Annabel Casey, a happy 12 year old girl living with her endearing Grandfather on the island of Bimini, whose best friend is a dolphin named Mitzy, is caught between a custody battle between her grandparents. Now, Annabel and Mateo, her new 13 year old friend, must figure out how to save the day and prove that love conquers all with the help of Mitzy!
  • : Derek Lee Nixon
  • : 210-687-8755
  • : derekonthetv@hotmail.com
  • : production
  • : Entertainment-Squad/Aristar
  • : Water, Energy Drinks, Juice, Camping Supplies, Snacks, Guitar, Car, home furnishings, fish tank, watch, wardrobe apparel, sporting goods, tablet, computer, fishing tackle, fishing rods, boats
  • : December 2019/January 2020
  • : Tyler Jade Nixon - Dolphin Kick, Jurassic Tale