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Club Life

In addition to the professional athlete or entertainer, Club Lifel will occasionally introduce an up and coming pro to tee up, like Ginger Howard, Cheyenne Woods or Shasta Averyhardt, how these new faces help to get a fresh perspective on the conventional sport. How are these millennials and women fairing in a game that is so steeped in tradition? We will be talking to some of the most unexpected celebrities, that many are unaware are golf addicts. Stay tuned and prepare to get hooked on Club Life! style. 

The show has been picked up for 10 episodes in 2022. Shooting starts in April.

  • : CLUB LIFE is a lifestyle series that opens the door to the exclusive golf & country club lifestyle. Join host, style influencer and golf aficionado, Wendell Haskins along with his celebrity friends as he gives unprecedented access to the private world of golf and the luxuries that surround it. This is the life - THE CLUB LIFE.
  • : Darius Evans
  • : 202-329-5892
  • :
  • : production
  • : CBS Sports
  • : Golf apparel, golf equipment, sporting goods, spirits.
  • : April 2022
  • : Alonzo Mourning, Anthony Anderson, Chris Paul, Mark Wahlberg, Bubba Watson, Steph Curry
  • : Car, spirits, golf, sports, golf apparel, gear.
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