Our production company has recently been activated to direct the music video for a song that will be featured in an upcoming feature film soundtrack to the movie BOSCO. 


The music video will feature the following artists and actors, who have agreed to promote and post the video on their social media channels:

  • Snoop Dogg (Reach 66M-70M)
  • DJ Whoo Kid (Reach 1M-3M)
  • Dave East (Reach 3M-6M) 
  • Aubrey Joseph (Reach 200k-300k)


We would like to see if any of your clients would be interested in product placement opportunities in the video to have their brand/logo shown or interacted with during the video. 


In the attached product placement package, we have identified opportunities for alcohol, apparel, and lifestyle products. 


We have also attached the music video treatment to give direction to what the overall video will look like. 


The intended release date for video: 2/14/2022


Please let me know if you may have a client that could benefit from this opportunity. 


Link to Product Placement Package



Link to Music Video Treatment


Thank you


Jaron Marquis

  • : Product Placement Opportunity in Music Video with A-List Celebrity
  • : Jaron Marquis
  • : 317-384-8985
  • : jm@urbngenius.com
  • : production
  • : alcohol, apparel,
  • : 1/26/2022-2/5/2022
  • : Snoop Dogg, Dave East, DJ Whoo Kid, Aubrey Joseph
  • : music video, placement, brand integration