Who’s Your Doggie?

  • : Who Owns Who? A reality TV show based on the doggie daycare Who's Your Doggie, LLC. in Milford, CT. Melissa and Richie Marter, owners, and their eclectic staff/family take on the demands of the crazy owners of the dogs who come in.
  • : Television Reality
  • : Heather Rose
  • : 7029945064
  • : adiluziodeluxe@gmail.com
  • : FidoTV, Las Vegas TV Network
  • : dog toys, dog essentials, dog lover lifestyle, dog food, cleaning materials, home repair, vehicles, clothing
  • : any
  • : asap
  • : for EPK and Marketing Proposal, copy and paste to your browser and use password WYDEPK2016: http://www.justanotherproductioncompany.com/#!wyd-epk-home/olbg9
  • : dog, puppy, car, toys

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