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Festivals of Patience

Log Line: A young write in NYC meets the girl of his dreams and hopelessly strives to save her from her tragic past and inner demonsMedia Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Sarah ClaytonContact Phone: 815-861-8641Contact E-Mail: SarahLizClayton@gmail.comProduct(s): Wardrobe, Phones, Cars, Coffee,

Delish Under Six

Log Line: A chef and nutritionist help "guests" shop and cook for healthy meals with under 6 ingredients and under $6 per servingMedia Type: Internet SeriesContact Name: Lisa BruhnContact Phone: 760-583-7081Contact E-Mail: lisa@lifeinreels.comNetwork/Distributor: not yet knownProduct(s): Health and vegetarian productsBrands

Dirty South House Arrest

Log Line: A college kid breaks the law and is sentenced to house arrest and he decides to throw a house party while his mother is away.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Daphne HayesContact Phone: 404-652-9077Contact E-Mail: reelgirlfilms@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: screeningProduct(s): swag bags

Golden Boy Promotions ‘ESPN Live Fight Night’ Series

Log Line: Beginning January/2017 Golden Boy Promotions starts a Thursday/Friday night boxing series with 18 broadcasts throughout the year.Media Type: Television SeriesContact Name: Rick ThomasContact Phone: 310-595-5800Contact E-Mail: rick@mediarichmarketing.comNetwork/Distributor: ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Latin America, Asia Pacific, Brazil, UK, India

Wit’s End

Log Line: When a woman tries to celebrate her anniversary with her fiancé, things take a turn when his mother unexpectedly shows up at their door.Media Type: ShortContact Name: Jonathan BowensContact Phone: (954) 673-1321Contact E-Mail: jonathan@QloudySunshine.comProduct(s): Lingerie, Lingerie Kimono, Wine,

Who’s Your Doggie?

Log Line: Who Owns Who? A reality TV show based on the doggie daycare Who's Your Doggie, LLC. in Milford, CT. Melissa and Richie Marter, owners, and their eclectic staff/family take on the demands of the crazy owners of the