THROWDOWN is an interactive episodic science fiction action comedy navigational cinema series, which is being shot almost entirely against blue/green screens with virtual environments being created in Unreal Engine.

We are sponsored by eMotimo, XSENS, Blackmagic Design, Puget Systems, Reallusion and working with several other parties including NCAM and Zeiss to create a cutting edge workflow that combines motion control technology and advanced camera tracking technology combined with real-time rendered virtual environments, which allows us to seamlessly integrate actors filmed in two separate locations as if they’re in the same space.

The series will be marketed through our partner YouTube channel CONTENT MONSTERS ( which currently has 950MILLION+ VIEWS, 1.9 MILLION+ SUBSCRIBERS and is RAPIDLY GROWING! We have a sponsored partnership with Academy Award winning visual effects software developers BORIS FX and our series will be distributed through PS4/PS5, AppleTV, Xbox and more.




  • : PUMPING IRON meets the MATRIX. While demonstrating a new product for a cutting-edge health company, FRNZY FITNESS, a popular lifestyle host becomes trapped in a virtual reality fitness simulation and is forced to work out endlessly while trying to discover a way to break free.
  • : James Markham Hall, Jr.
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  • : Playstation 5
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  • : September 16, 2020
  • : James Markham Hall, Jr.
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