Cook The Box will be an original uplifting, fun and exciting cooking game show series.
This new series pits three chefs against each other as they attempt to incorporate usual and unusual
combinations of ingredients from the pantry in order to duplicate the dish/items inside the box (which
consists of a plate with three or more food items).
The host and/or judges may collaborate on the dish/items before being hidden away in the box and may
provide a tip/hint to the chefs. A panel of three judges will grade on a minimum of taste, presentation,
likeness to the original and restaurant worthiness. The judges with a unanimous vote may create and
present additional challenges to chefs before a round begin. Each round will have a time limit, typically
20 minutes.
First round, chefs need to get at least one item correctly matching the plate in the box. Hint is optional.

Judges will decide whom to advances. Advancing chefs get to pick prizes from our “Prize Stage” (an area on set for prizes in which our sponsors/advertisers product/s are kept on display during the show, could be one product or many).

Second round, chefs need to get at least two items correctly matching the box contents. Hint is optional.
Judges will decide whom to advance.
Third round, remaining chefs need to match all items in the box. Judges to decide the winner.
The chefs must cook what they imagine to be in the box and complete four platings (three for the judges
and one “show plate”) before time runs out. After a winner has been selected and awarded the $10k prize.
The host will then ask each judge, if they would like to have the winning dish for their restaurant or venue.
If one judge says yes the winner gets an additional $2,500.
If two judges say yes the winner gets an additional $5,000.
If three judges say yes the winner gets the total grand prize of $20,000.
Judges will be restaurant owners or a representative able to act on behalf of their owner.

Copyright 2020 Calvin HIll

  • : A dish has been placed inside this box and now three chefs have been invited to create this dish without any knowledge of what the box contains. One chef will walk away with up to $20K in cash. Welcome to - Cook The Box.
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  • : October 26, 2020
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