Directed, written, and produced by Emerald Fennell (showrunner, “Killing Eve” Season 2) – For more information please see the following Press Release:

We’re dressing the following sets that need product:
  • Heavily featured Coffee Shop where the lead character (Cassie) works 
  • Her family home in the midwest suburbs (where she still lives with her mother/father)
  • An ex-lawyer’s house (also suburban)
  • 2 nightclubs/bars
  • 3 male apartments (one hipster, one bachelor pad, and one for a young doctor [Ryan] who is also the main love interest)
  • Doctor’s office
  • A small diner & pharmacy for a cute dating montage between the male and female leads.
  • : A wickedly subversive, provocative thriller about a young woman haunted by a tragedy in her past who begins exacting her own particular brand of revenge on the predatory men unlucky enough to cross her path
  • : Dan Tiffany
  • : 3525144166
  • :
  • : Distributor: Focus Features, Produced by: LuckChap ("I,Tonya") & FilmNation
  • : -Any liquor, beer, wine, champagne: product and signage and empty boxes or bottles (mostly for bar or club scenes), including branded fridges and dispensers -Signage for street dressing (for example, there's some rolling paper company that promos paper dressing and advertising signs) -Any food items to dress apartments -Any retail displays, as we have a pharmacy/lunch counter location -Any home kitchen appliances -Maybe a coffee or coffee-adjacent brand? But not a coffee shop chain like Coffee Beanery- just the product for the coffee shop -Lots of makeup, hair products, hairstyling tools or makeup bags or brushes for Cassie -Any clothes or bags or suitcases for Cassie's bedroom dressing -Espresso machine and commercial coffee grinder (Coffee Shop) -Tap handles (Bars) -Retro-style record player and headphones (apartment) -Computers, TVs, or stereos (apartments) -Furniture/fancy office chairs -Expensive housewares (for Ryan's apartment) -Any medical or hospital-related brands -Luggage -High-end games and toys for adults (Razr, Segway, video games, Sharper Image stuff) -Energy drink or soda product, retails displays, branded fridges and dispensers
  • : By 3/22 at the latest - shooting starts on 3/25
  • : Carey Mulligan