• : The four friends you're glad you never had.
  • : Television Series
  • : Jonathan Fernandez
  • : 718-675-9360
  • : jonathanfernandezlh@yahoo.com
  • : Will be placed on Amazon Prime, Tidal, Urban movie Channel, African Studios, and Verizon Fios
  • : alcohol, car, women's clothing, men's clothing, sunglasses, televisions, soft drinks, hygiene products, comic books, baseball caps,
  • : BMW, Ford, Maui Jim, Schick Razors, Polar Watches, Country Girl, AT&T, Arm & Hammer, Marvel,
  • : September 1st, 2017
  • : Anticipated rating TV-14, products will be displayed positively via story integration placement, or can be use as visual and audio placement only.
  • : soda, car, televisions, comic books, razors, beer, luxury, clothes, sunglasses, notebooks, computers, tablets, ligthers, cigarettes

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