The projected budget of $40 million is due to a focus on authenticity and accuracy, set construction of an Iraqi village, a forward operating base, a number of supporting roles, and visual effects.  The majority of the budget will be spent on talent, because this is a military drama, it requires spot-on acting performances.

Box Office Comparison of Successful Films in the Same or Similar Genre

(War, Drama)



Worldwide Gross






American Sniper




Hack Saw Ridge




Lone Survivor




  • : Inspired by true events of the 2004 attack on an American forward operating base in Mosul, Iraq, and written by a 4-time deployed combat soldier. Marez is a war drama about Captain Ryan Pierce, a battle-hardened soldier who deploys to avenge the death of his daughter who was killed in the attack only to find himself facing a second battle with a senior ISIS commander, Abu Abdullah al-Shafi’i.
  • : Michael G Olsen
  • : 3345209597
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  • : production
  • : Lou Pizarro
  • : Soft drinks, Alcohol, Clothing, Military, Cars
  • : Coca-Cola, Chevy
  • : September 8, 2019
  • : Max Martini, Dennis Haysbert