Production Home

Welcome to the NEW PRODUCTION section of the ERMA WEBSITE! 

  • Find more agency contact information – detailed searches, browse product images, additional contacts and locations.
  • Find members who provide services such as production resources, promotions, clearances and more.
  • Productions can now post what products they are looking for, announce a new production, provide members with contact information and more!
  • You can “Opt-In” and join our e-mail blasts which will provide you with the newest membership information.  New client announcements, revised client lists, invitations to ERMA events and more will be sent directly to you!

The New ERMA Search

  • You can enter your search from the ERMA Main page or anywhere you see the SEARCH MEMBERS widget.
  • You can refine your searches on the Production Search Page!
  • The new Agency Information Pages will give you all the information you need about the agency, their clients and now more information about contacts and office/warehouse locations!
  • Our quick search buttons allows you to search for all members who offer specific services!  Great for producers and productions looking for members who are looking for a member who handles clearances, production resources, art clearances and more!

Are you looking for something you can’t find?  Post your needs to our membership!  Production Resources For Producers   Promotions For Producers   Clearances For Producers

ERMA Goes Global!

Watch for more information on our global members in China, Germany, England, Australia and more!

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