Tough Love

  • : A Daytime Emmy nominated digital series about six millennials living in New York City. After participating in a paid social experiment originally intended to help them understand their struggles with dating and relationships, the group finds themselves even more lost than when they began.
  • : Internet Series
  • : Kimberly McMillian
  • : 5046152544
  • :
  • : Web Outlet
  • : Beer, Wine, Alcohol, Car, Apartment Furniture, Tupperware, Studio Headphones, Microphone, Hygeine Products, Food, Snacks, Dating App, NYC restaurants, Saxophone, Lingerie, Boxers/Briefs, Cleaning Supplies, Business Attire Apparel, Nightlife Apparel, Beauty Products, office supplies, Camera Equipment, Makeup, Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Vegan Groceries/Food, Shoes, Decor, Groceries, Fragrances, Computers, Phones
  • : Cannon, sony, zeiss, red, array, small hd, dji, easy rig, arri
  • : September 20, 2017
  • : Web series - 6 episodes - shot in NY. A link to website and past 2 seasons can be provided. These items will be used throughout the show. Open to brand integration on several of the items. Willing to curate social media messaging and or videos to promote products used.
  • : luxury, vegan, ford, toyota, honda, maxima, lexus, food, vegan, music, instrument, saxophone, sax, wine, cannon, nikon, DJI, easy rig, array, RED, Sony, hair, beauty, natural hair, green, home goods, headphones, toothpaste

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