Tango Down

  • : Created by veterans, for veterans, Tango Down tells the story of a special kind of camaraderie, the kind of unwavering loyalty forged only in battle. It’s about the extremely difficult choices our service men and women have to make in combat, and the way those choices affect life back at home.
  • : Short
  • : Micah Haughey
  • : 408.607.4862
  • : micah@srestudios.com
  • : Film Festivals, Industry Awards
  • : beer, chairs, table, briefcase, mirror, cell phone, radio, burlap sack, flexicuffs, lie detector, motorcycle jackets, helmets, motorcycle, women's professional blazer, women's workout clothes, water, beverages, food, snacks, men's satchel, military backpacks, film equipment, military uniforms
  • : 07/18/17-07/20/17
  • : Stars Julia Ling (Chuck, Studio 60) and Ryan Stuart (Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • : veteran, military, food, film equipment, camera, motorcycle, Harley, Triumph, Indian, Alexa mini, beer, beer mug,

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