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Entertainment Services

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Entertainment Services is a personalized product placement company. Our long-term positive working relationships are with a select number of corporations that are interested in increasing their brands’ market share through entertainment industry exposures

ERMA/Primary Contact:
Contact: Gina Crane
2971 Surrey Way
Tehachapi California 93561
Phone: (661) 821-0582

 Agency Description: 
The key to a successful placement is relationships. Entertainment Services maintains steadfast relationships with all of the major studios and approximately 75 television productions. By personally meeting with key Production and Studio personnel who determine where and how your production is positioned on screen, Entertainment Services is able to introduce them to your products, show them samples and leave catalogs for them to reference when opportunity presents itself. The productions are interested in magically creating reality, without cutting any corners, which provides the perfect opportunities for your brand’s placement.

Successful placements can generate positive product awareness, strengthen brand image and potentially increase sales. They can even be more cost effective than traditional advertising. An implied brand endorsement occurs when your product is seen with Hollywood stars, and it reaches a worldwide audience. Additionally, today’s product placement no longer has to be the end of the involvement. The successful integration of your brand into films or television shows can provide the launching point for various types of large or small scale promotional and marketing tie-ins in all media and markets.

By combining four years of product placement experience as a Senior Placement Coordinator at Walt Disney Studio with over fifteen years of hands-on experience with entertainment and celebrity endorsements, I hope to provide your company with unique potential promotional and marketing opportunities that will expand your products’ exposure and market share.

Client List:
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home phones; office phones - available for purchase only at wholesale price
Appliances | Kitchen (Small)
small kitchen appliances - coffee maker, espresso machines, toasters, blenders, food processors, stand mixers
Cause Related Campaigns
coffee cups, posters, stickers, apparel, calendars
Electronics | Stereo, Headphones, Cables
alarm clocks, clock radios, portable speakers, home audio systems, headphones, earbuds, wireless audio, mini speakers, bluetooth speakers—all for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and MP3Players, signage & cleared commercials
Food | Dairy (Milk, Eggs, Yogurt etc.)
One of Americas most loved specialty cheeses. Found in the deli case and famous around the world for its mild, mellow and nutty taste. Available in wheels, loaves, wedges, slices and individual snack size. Available in about 95% of grocery retailers and 100% of club stores.
Eye Wear | Sunglasses
men’s & women’s sunglasses; crew gifts: t-shirts, hats, cups, backpacks; crew gift discounts available
Health & Beauty
Schick: Disposable Men’s and Women’s razors, razor packs, Edge and Skintimate shave gel and limited displays available.
Food - Packaged Goods
Raisins; assorted dried fruits - apricots, plums, cranberries, figs, apples, dates; raisin bread & muffins; yogut covered raisins
cordless telephones, cordless headsets, answering machines, home telephones, baby monitors, hotel telephones
House & Home
WÜSTHOF’s precision-forged knives are sought-after and used in the finest dining establishments, and the most prestigious culinary institutions training tomorrow's rising star chefs. Established in 1814 in Solingen, Germany, the family owned company is managed by 7th generation Wüsthofs, who adhere to the three core values symbolized in the brand’s trident logo: passion, diligence and perfection. For further information please visit


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