MMA Power Hour

  • : A weekly, episodic live stream interview show with top mixed martial arts guests
  • : Other
  • : Adam Roorda
  • : 2134797288
  • :
  • : Facebook
  • : Athletic Apperal, production equipment, computers
  • : Alienware, RevGear, Sony, BlackMagic
  • : Every Wednesday
  • : Host: Colin Crandall, Co-Host: Adam Roorda... Alternating guests including UFC champions, top contenders, and multiple A-List martial artists. We get between 10,000 and 20,000 viewers a month and are seeing a rapid week over week increase of 5-10%. The production equipment and computer harfware will be used functionality on set. We will provide logo placement and 60spot commercials alongside our current major sponsors.
  • : Lavalier, wireless, Athletes, athletic gear, camera, audio, production switcher, video

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