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Box of Jane, INC.

Log Line: A cannabis experience sought by many, enjoyed by a select fewMedia Type: OtherContact Name: R. J. Falcioni Jr, J.D.Contact Phone: 415-710-3583Contact E-Mail: RJ@BoxofJane.comProduct(s): Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana, Technology, Distribution, Subscription, Box, Experiment, NewProduction Information: Box of Jane is a


Log Line: H.E.I.R. is a groundbreaking new comedic web series that chronicles the lives of Etienne Maurice (son of stage and screen legend Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Dominic Nash (son of Emmy-nominated prolific actress Niecy Nash) as they pursue careers

The Naked Truth Story of a Male Dancer

Log Line: "In life there are rules to everything we do and sometimes those choices can lead to the death of everyone involved."Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Anthony Bridges Jr.Contact Phone: 504-975-7898Contact E-Mail: anthonybridges500@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: Chocolate Stallion EntertainmentProduct(s): Liquor, Cars, Clothing,

The Solar Eclipse

Log Line: It is here where all the casual sex, games, lies, and secrets come to a boiling point and unravel everyone’s lives.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Eric MicallefContact Phone: (631)524-7303Contact E-Mail: ericmicallef@yahoo.comProduct(s): drinks, soda, food, cloths, suits, cameras, lenses,