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The Student Body

Log Line: A mysterious murder on a college campusMedia Type: Television SeriesContact Name: Zac ParaskevaContact Phone: 8019799167Contact E-Mail: skevaproductions@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: Verizon Go 90Product(s): cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, liquor, beer, soda, snacks, tablets, textbooks, backpacks, condomsDate Needed: 2/8/27Production Information: Rating will

Meditation Park

Log Line: An immigrant Chinese-Canadian woman discovers her husband is having an affair, she keeps this to herself as she figures out how to make a living on her own and reconciling the betrayal.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Lyvia CohenContact

Mail Order Monster

Log Line: Unable to move on from her mother's death, a girl and her monster run away from her father's new marriage.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Paulina LagudiContact Phone: 702-325-5161Contact E-Mail: paulina@jaxmakesmovies.comProduct(s): family cars, tools/handyman products, step parenting books, grieving

Until The End Of Time

Log Line: The fifth feature film by Pulp Productions FilmsMedia Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Jessica TrznadelContact Phone: 7082141243Contact E-Mail: jesstrz@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: Pulp ProductionsProduct(s): Beer, Party supplies, Food, CarDate Needed: April 17Production Information: Items will be used in the party scenes at

Evidence of Things Seen

Log Line: Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. a teenage boy begins to question God and a priest begins to question his faith.Media Type: ShortContact Name: Tanisha CoffeyContact Phone: 4045794168Contact E-Mail: TanishaCoffey@gmail.comNetwork/Distributor: TBD: Following a film festival run,

Selfie Dad

Log Line: When a Comic Gets Serious About the BibleMedia Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Michael CuryloContact Phone: 3109069638Contact E-Mail: film@curylo.comNetwork/Distributor: Sony / GTN Releasing - Domestic 300 theaters + International VOD/DVD + Domestic VODProduct(s): For: Kitchen Appliances, CarBrands : Thermador