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Log Line: Narrative feature film about the journey of a young man healing from a childhood of sexual abuseMedia Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Gustavo LetelierContact Phone: 56 2 2638 3542Contact E-Mail: promesa-film@amerindia-fc.orgNetwork/Distributor: to be determinedProduct(s): cellphones, beer, bikes, athletic shoes,

The Solar Eclipse

Log Line: It is here where all the casual sex, games, lies, and secrets come to a boiling point and unravel everyone’s lives.Media Type: Feature FilmContact Name: Eric MicallefContact Phone: (631)524-7303Contact E-Mail: ericmicallef@yahoo.comProduct(s): drinks, soda, food, cloths, suits, cameras, lenses,

Beyond America

Log Line: Yacine and Hamza lead a tedious life in their village. Yet Yacine nourishes the dream of becoming a storyteller. To his goats he narrates the tribulations of his favorite hero Ulysses. In spite of his age, 19 years

Little Evil

Log Line: A Dark Comedy from the creator of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, "Gary just married the woman of his dreams, but his stepson may be the antichrist". It is a fun twist on the classic story, of a

Real Rob – Season 2

Log Line: Centers around comedian Rob Schneider's real life while living in Hollywood.Media Type: Television SeriesContact Name: Lauree MartellContact Phone: 323-403-6304Contact E-Mail: Lauree@MadeItHappen.netNetwork/Distributor: NetflixProduct(s): furniture, art, window treatments, children's (4YO) toys, food products, cleaning products, computer, printer, pool cover &