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  • : Narrative feature film about the journey of a young man healing from a childhood of sexual abuse
  • : Gustavo Letelier
  • : 56 2 2638 3542
  • :
  • : to be determined
  • : cellphones, beer, bikes, athletic shoes, computer, t-shirts
  • : Samsung, LG, New Glarus, Hill Farmstead Brewery, 3 Fonteinen, Hill Farmstead, Colnago, Parlee, Trek, Nike, Crossfit, Dell, HP
  • : january 2017
  • : childabuse, latino, car, renaut
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The Solar Eclipse

  • : It is here where all the casual sex, games, lies, and secrets come to a boiling point and unravel everyone’s lives.
  • : Eric Micallef
  • : (631)524-7303
  • :
  • : drinks, soda, food, cloths, suits, cameras, lenses, Lights, apple
  • : Coco cola, canon, sony, Nike, Vans, apple, loot crate
  • : 10.24.2016
  • : Facebook, NYC, City, College, Party
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Beyond America

  • : Yacine and Hamza lead a tedious life in their village. Yet Yacine nourishes the dream of becoming a storyteller. To his goats he narrates the tribulations of his favorite hero Ulysses. In spite of his age, 19 years old, Yacine has an awkward handicap: his voice has still not acquired the viril sound appropriate to his age. Hamza, his friend and sort of advisor does his best to help him but his pragmatic and opportunistic character does not always meet with Yacine's aspirations. Their little lives take a new turn the day they find their boss Ali's motorcycle: a ticket sent by Providence to travel to Marrakech and meet the greatest storyteller of the country: Baba Kan. Off they go! In Marrakech they meet Hlima an old and extrovert lady and Asmae who warmly welcome them: Yacine's initiation leads him to learn what lies beneath the art of origins.
  • : Najat Jellab
  • : 514 830 1042
  • :
  • : Victoria Films
  • : motorcycle, harmonica, luxury cars.
  • : Honda, Hering, Lee Oskar, Bushman, Suzuki and Seydel. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, or any brand that is not scared of comedy and would benefit from a parodic billboard.
  • : Spring 2017
  • : car, auto, Honda, Hering, Lee Oskar, Bushman, Suzuki and Seydel. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW,
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Little Evil

  • : A Dark Comedy from the creator of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, "Gary just married the woman of his dreams, but his stepson may be the antichrist". It is a fun twist on the classic story, of a stepdad and stepson learning to get along while the Rapture looms around every corner.
  • : Kelleigh Miller
  • : 330-664-9627
  • :
  • : Netflix
  • : Green cleaners, TVs, Computers, oral care, alcohol,beer, cell phones
  • : 9/15
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Real Rob – Season 2

  • : Centers around comedian Rob Schneider's real life while living in Hollywood.
  • : Lauree Martell
  • : 323-403-6304
  • :
  • : Netflix
  • : furniture, art, window treatments, children's (4YO) toys, food products, cleaning products, computer, printer, pool cover & accessories, MMA equipment, event rentals, liqour
  • : Sept 19-Dec 9
  • : living room, dining room, master bedroom, pool,
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